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Picture Perfect Wedding - Fiona Lowe Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2013/08/20/review-picture-perfect-wedding-by-fiona-lowe/

I love wedding themed romances, and Lowe has yet to disappoint me.

Erin is a photographer who has the ability to capture any bride in the exact moment of her greatest happiness. But building a wedding photography business is harder than she expected. A prestigious photography award would go a long way in helping her, and she needs Luke’s sunflower field for the perfect shot. Only, Luke doesn’t want people trampling through his field, and is determined to make Erin’s life difficult from the moment she sets foot into Whitetail.

Luke is a farmer, and although his town is dependent on the wedding business, he is reluctant to fall into the craze. But he folds, and working with Erin is hard enough without having to deal with his family’s uneasy truce. Thinking about what he wants for the future is near impossible with Erin confusing his every thought. But the bond between them is undeniable.

Ok, I have to start by saying the sexual tension between Luke and Erin is OFF THE CHARTS! These two dance around their attraction to each other for chapters upon chapters, and the heat continues to rise and rise and rise without taking a break. They torment and flirt and tease each other like I’ve never read before, and although it takes them awhile to actually get naked, but it is worth the wait! *fans self*

On top of it all, the romance between these two was so sweet. Both Erin and Luke are running away from their own insecurities and problems, and although they use each other for escape, they also grow closer. I love that Luke ends up being the pursuer of a real and full time relationship, leaving Erin floundering with her own feelings. I love reading about a strong alpha hero who is so sweet and caring and protective and smitten. Luke is all that and more!

The town of Whitetail took awhile to grow on me, but I’m loving the wedding fever that everyone seems to have. All the secondary characters are so fun, and I loved getting to see more of Luke’s family. Especially when his brother (the only gay man in town) finds a chance at love. Lowe took the time in this book to really develop a secondary relationship and romance with Nicole, the town wedding planner and war hero widow. I liked that Nicole got the second chance at love, but am a little disappointed with one of the aspects of it. It seems as if every romance book I’ve read with a war-hero widow, something negative is revealed about her dead husband. I absolutely hate this. Hate it, hate it. I was disappointed to see it happen once again, and it took away a little bit of the spark between Nicole and Tony.

But despite that, I still adore the town of Whitetail, and am anxious to see what Lowe has in store for us with the third book in the series, Runaway Groom.

All in all I thought Lowe did an incredible job with the sexual tension between Luke and Erin. It was some of the sexiest buildup I’ve ever read in a romance book, and I couldn’t be happier with the way Luke and Erin were able to resolve and find happiness together. Despite the problems I had with the secondary relationship, I was happy to see Nicole finally get her HEA.
I give Picture Perfect Wedding a B-