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Midnight Games - Elle Kennedy Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2013/08/05/review-midnight-games-by-elle-kennedy/

I adore this series from Kennedy, so every time she releases a new book, I’m anxious to get my hands on it and see what else she has in store for us.

Isabel hasn’t seen Trevor since she left him waiting in her apartment five months ago. Running away was easy, and now that she’s off her assignment, she knows that she’ll need to explain things to the one many who got under her skin. But Isabel isn’t sure that she is ready to take all that Trevor is offering.

Trevor finally has his life in order, and the only thing missing is Isabel. He wants her more than anything, and is willing to fight hard to win her over. But as they deal with a bombing on their safe house, their missing commander, and a plot that neither saw coming, Trevor and Isabel are going to have to fight to stay alive, before they can fight to stay together.

I have been waiting, not so patiently, for this book. When Isabel and Trevor first met in book one, I couldn’t wait to see where Kennedy would take these two. Especially given how screwed up Trevor was, and how closed off Isabel was. During the second book their relationship escalated, and I was hooked onto these two like you couldn’t believe. Now that they’ve had a book of their own, I’m amazed at how well Kennedy has drawn me into their world and lives.

I love the relationship between these two. It has changed so much from the first time they met. They had a long time to become friends and although Isabel is still very scared about being more than friends, the attraction between them keeps pulling them together in ways neither expected. I loved that they couldn’t seem to stay away, despite how hard it was at times. That attraction and pull was tangible throughout the whole story.

However, because their relationship has built so much over the course of the series, I felt like the overall romance took a little bit of a supportive role. Maybe it’s because they’ve known each other and worked with each other the last two books, but for some reason I felt as if the book focused much more on the suspense plot and secondary characters than it did on the developing relationship. It could also be in part because we go into this book knowing that these two have a history, and are pretty much in love already…

I loved the plot on this one too, especially since Kennedy was able to throw me for a loop. It seems like she constantly has a little something up her sleeve, and when I least expect it, she whips out the twists and curves and keeps me at the very edge of my seat. I loved that things played out unexpectedly with Jim, and the weird pseudo-relationship he has with Noelle. I thought the end was so perfect, despite the somewhat ugly scene.

One of the things I think I loved best about this book was just how perfect Trevor and Isabel ended up being for one another. Despite Isabel’s ability to take care of herself, she was (at times) willing to let Trevor care for her and protect her. And although she hid behind her disguises, I loved that Trevor was always able to see through them. Always able to see the real Isabel underneath the makeup and hair dye. While it’s true that most romance couples are made for one another, I felt like the journey that brought Isabel and Trevor to that point made their HEA all the more perfect and special.

There were so many questions left unanswered at the end of this book, especially with the secondary characters. I’m desperate to know what is going on with Jim and Noelle, Ethan and Juliet, D, Holden and all the others. One of the things that Kennedy does best is bring out incredible characters, all while dropping little hints and teases to keep them interesting and mysterious. I wish I could get Kennedy to open up her big box of secrets for me, but she is pretty tight lipped! :)

All in all I adored this installment of the Killer Instincts series. The books and characters keep getting better and better with each book. The romance and relationships are flushed out to perfection, and the plots continue to be intense and engaging. I am so excited to see what Kennedy has in store for us next, and hope that she continues to write in this series for a long, long time.
I give Midnight Games a B+