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Three Little Words  (Fool's Gold #12) - Susan Mallery Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2013/07/23/review-three-little-words-by-susan-mallery/

I was so excited to read about Isabel and Ford, so this story was super exciting for me! This series continues to be one of my all time favorite contemporary romances.

Isabel had a crush on Ford as a young girl, and when he went off into the military, Isabel wrote him faithfully. She told him about her life, about growing up, and all her experiences as a young woman. When they both end up home together, they realize the impact that relationship had for each of them.

Ford needs a fake girlfriend to keep his overbearing mother at bay, and Isabel seems like the perfect match. What starts as a lie quickly turns into more and Isabel and Ford spend more time together and get intimate with each other. But they are both looking to move on, until they realize that their lives are better with each other in them.

I was so excited for this story, as I love Ford and Isabel and second chance stories are some of my favorites. There was so much great stuff that happened in this story, I absolutely loved it. I thought the premise of Ford needing a fake girlfriend was perfect. His mother is absolutely crazy, with her overbearing ways, she was a little crazy when it came to finding her son a mate. I thought that Isabel and Ford were so great together, first as weary friends given their past, and then as lovers as they realized how great they could be together.

I adore the group of heroines that Mallery is focusing on with this set of books. I think they have the best relationship and I love their interactions with one another. I thought Isabel was fantastic. She had to deal with some pretty intense issues with her ex-husband, and coming home to Fool’s Gold was the perfect chance to lick her wounds. Having the best friends she does just makes her healing that much easier and better. I thought she was so sweet, both with dealing with the somewhat crazy brides that came through her shop, and with Ford.

I really liked Ford and the heroes as well. I love the bodyguard and ex-military men, and think they are all such strong and fabulous heroes. I liked that Ford didn’t want to disappoint his mother, despite the fact that he hated the way he hovered over her. I loved the way he valued the letter that Isabel sent to him as a young kid, and how much they had impacted his life in the service. I loved the simple way he fell in love with Isabel, and his way of groveling to get back into her good graces.

This book also had a side romance between Ford’s brother, Kent, and the only heroine bodyguard, Consuelo. I liked this side romance, because I thought it was so different from that of Isabel and Ford. Consuelo was so uncomfortable with being a woman, and relationships while Kent was so patient and loving with her. It was a wonderful and fun sub-plot that I wished we got to see more of in her books.

I am so excited about this trio of books this year. I think they are some of the best that Mallery has come up with in this entire series. I love the heroes and heroines equally, and I am so anxious and sad to see this series start to wind down.

All in all I really loved this book. It was one of my favorites in not only the series as a whole, but the trilogy this year. The romance between Isabel and Ford was so fabulous and it was one of my favorite contemporary romance books ever. This whole series of books has quickly restored my faith in Mallery and the Fool’s Gold series.

I give Three Little Words an A