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Love at High Tide - Christi Barth Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2013/07/09/review-love-at-high-tide-by-christi-barth/

I read and enjoyed the Aisle Bound books from Barth, so when she emailed me about her newest beach read, I couldn’t wait for a time to sit down and devour it.

Darcy is in career limbo. She knows what her parents want and expect of her, and yet she knows that living in Africa isn’t what she wants to do with her life. Taking the week off to spend at the beach sounds like the perfect way to put off making a decision. Especially since she finds herself following her BFF, Trish, around on a private eye escape. And meeting the ever-so-sexy Cooper.

Cooper is also in career limbo. The Secret Service turned him down because of a bum knee, and he isn’t sure he can handle going back to the police force. Rescuing Darcy and spending time with her is his perfect idea for a vacation well spent. But as Darcy and Trish set out to explore the undercover world, they might have gotten themselves in over their heads, and will need Coop to brush off his detective skills and lend them a hand.

I really enjoyed this story. There were so many cute parts to it, the whole book was really enjoyable and quick to read. The romance between Darcy and Coop develops quickly. They are super attracted to each other, and they don’t beat around the bush (much) about their interest in one another. I liked that. It was a sweet and sexy romance with little drama, and I enjoyed the fact that both Coop and Darcy were so committed to making it work.

I thought that Trish was crazy, insane, and a little over-the-top. She so desperately wanted to be a private eye, and was willing to go to some pretty TSTL lengths to make it happen. I was glad when Coop and his cousin finally stepped in and told them to leave it to the professionals. Had they been okay with Trish’s actions, I would have been annoyed and frustrated. But the strong friendship that was evident between Darcy and Trish was great to see, and added much to my reading enjoyment.

I do hope that Barth writes more set within this world. I think getting a story about Trish and Coop’s cousin (not necessarily together, but there were some sparks there as well) would be so much fun to read. I really enjoyed the light and flirty tone of the book and think another book with the same characters would be a blast to read as well.

All in all I was really glad I read this Barth novella. Despite the shorter length, I thought the romance was well developed and never suffered despite the lack of time. I also loved the relationship between Darcy and her best friend, and thought it added some spice and comedic humor to the story. Although Darcy and Coop are quick with their devotion to one another, I thought this was a fabulous summer read.

I give Love at High Tide a B