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Just One Kiss  (Fool's Gold #10) - Susan Mallery Full review posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2013/05/27/review-just-one-kiss-by-susan-mallery/

I love the Fool’s Gold series, it’s one of my favorite contemporary romance series, and I absolutely adore all things Susan Mallery.

Patience loves living in Fool’s Gold, can’t imagine ever living anywhere else. She had a normal childhood, except for the time her best friend Justice suddenly disappeared without a word, or a trace. When Patience finds out Justice has returned to Fool’s Gold, and discovers his history in witness protection, they resume their friendship as if nothing had ever come between them. Except now, they are both adults and able to act on the attraction that has been simmering for years.

Justice always loved Patience. As a boy, he loved her innocence and pure outlook on life. As a man, he can appreciate her personality, her beauty and everything else he remembered about her. As much as Justice wants to be able to keep Patience as his own, his past is one that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to outrun. But when life catches up with them both, love might be the only thing that can save them.

I adored this story. I always worry that with long standing series like this, the books can start to get old and feel recycled. However, this book felt fresh and new and I am so excited about this new trilogy, especially since we’ve already met the heroes. After I finished this book, I wanted to forsake my TBR pile and glom onto the next two books in this series.

I really liked the idea of Justice being in the witness protection program, and how that played such a huge role in this book, and his life. I loved that he became a bodyguard, and really devoted his life to saving others, like the US Marshall’s did for him. I just wish that Justice would have been able to see that his genetics didn’t make up the man he was. He really let his father determine who he was, how he identified himself. I hated that for him, because everyone else besides him was able to see just how incredible of a man he turned out to be.

I thought Patience was wonderful. If I could choose the kind of best friend to have, it would be someone like Patience. She was so down-to-earth and fun and loyal. She loved Justice from the moment they first met, and she never really stopped. She was dedicated to her friends, standing behind them one hundred percent. Even when she wasn’t sure she wanted to make a new friend, she was able to look past the surface and see down into the individual. She is the kind of romance heroine I love reading about. Seemingly perfect in every way, and yet the kind of woman who didn’t let it go to her head, or make her any less loveable.

The romance between these two was somewhat subdued. Their sexual relationship starts off with a bang, and although they both kid themselves that it’s just physical and nothing more, it was obvious to me that the two of them fell pretty much in love the minute they laid eyes on each other as adults. They beat around the bush and tried to convince themselves it wasn’t the real deal, and yet there was never a moment I didn’t believe these two wouldn’t make it.

All in all this is another fabulous romance in the Fool’s Gold series. I love Mallery’s writing, and I think this installment is one of the better ones in the series as a whole. I am so anxious to read the next few books in the series, as I think the heroes are all going to be badasses, and the heroines sweet and fun. This book has rekindled my love for this series!

I give Just One Kiss an A-