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Love Me If You Dare - Carly Phillips Publisher: HQN
Publish Date: 8/31/10
How I got this book: NetGalley

Love Me If You Dare is the second installment of the Bachelor Blogs Series by Carly Phillips, and starts right where we left off. Rafe and Sara used to be partners together and were asked to help with security at a high profile auction. When Sara gets taken hostage and Rafe saves her life, he finds himself the next feature one the Bachelor Blog. While Rafe has always wanted more from Sara, he holds no illusions that she is looking for anything more than a fling. When the pressure becomes too much, he flees the city to head up to his lake side cabin.

Once Rafe leaves, the blog spotlight turns it eyes onto Sara. Since she is supposed to be laying low waiting to testify in a murder trial, she spooks when treats start showing up every time she turns around. The only place she feels comfortable escaping to is with Rafe, and the two find themselves hiding out together and finally pursuing their feelings for each other.

But when two drug dealers come to town looking for trouble, and the threat to Sara’s life increases the two will have to buckle down and really trust each other in order to stay safe. But trusting each other with their lives has never been Sara or Rafe’s problem, instead it’s trusting their hearts that just might break these two apart forever.

I really enjoy the premise of the Bachelor Blog series, and Rafe and Sara were the perfect follow up. I really enjoy couples who have a history together, and these two definitely had some history to work through! One of the things that I enjoyed about these Bachelor Blog books so far, is that the woman is always the one with the problems with commitment. Sara was raised by a cop father who never had a serious girlfriend after her mother walked out on them. She was raised believing that relationships never worked out, especially when you wear a badge.

Rafe on the other hand comes from a large family where marriage is valued and something to aspire to be great at. I loved the interaction between Rafe and his family, as they were loud and a little crazy and a lot in love with each other. Seeing his parents and brother and sisters struggle to make it work, but know that they want to make it work, is always something I enjoy.

The hilarious situation with Rafe’s uncle and the drug dealers had me in absolute stitches as well! I love that Phillips can always make me laugh with some of the hilarious and outrageous situations her characters find themselves in. This one was no exception!

One of my favorite aspects of this book was the relationship between Rafe’s brother Nick and his estranged wife Angel. I loved watching them both struggle with each other, and find a way to come together even after everything they have been through to make it work.

At the end we do get to find out who the Bachelor blogger is, and I have to say I didn’t really see it coming. But, once it was revealed, it totally made sense! My guess that this is the end of the Bachelor Blogs series, and it wasn’t my favorite Phillips Series (read the Hot Zone Series if you haven’t!!). I have to say I’m somewhat sad to see it go!

All in all, I give Love Me If You Dare 3.5 out of 5 hostage negotiations!