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Fall Into You (Loving On The Edge, #3) - Roni Loren Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/12/26/review-fall-into-you-by-roni-loren/

Being the lover of all things BDSM, when Loren debuted her Loving on the Edge series, I was super excited about a new series to get attached to.

Grant is the owner of the super secretive and exclusive Ranch, a BDSM resort in the middle of Texas. He is Dom extraordinaire and the one man that no woman has been able to nail down. When he hears a car crash one night, he rushes out to help and finds Charli injured and in need of help. When he finds out that Charli is the younger sister of an old military buddy, he forces himself to stop looking at her as a sexy woman to take care of, and instead a younger sister who needs protection.

Charli doesn’t want Grant to look at her like a younger sister, and when she stumbles onto what really goes on at The Ranch, she is determined to win Grant over in every way that counts. Charli hides her plans under the cover of needing to be more feminine for her job, and she lets Grant teach her how to become soft and womanly and submissive. But the help that Charli needs is more than she expected, and when her life is threatened once again, Grant is forced to deal with feelings he never expected, and the one woman who can make him whole again.

I will admit that I really enjoy Loren’s style of writing BDSM. Although there is the occasional scene that takes place in public, there are also just as many scenes that take place behind closed doors, in the privacy of the couples relationship. While I’ve read plenty of “club” books, it’s always nice to see a couple who also prefers to play without an audience, who prefers to keep their relationship intimate and between the two of them. Despite Grant’s owning of The Ranch, he also likes to keep things private between himself and his submissive, and the vast majority of his scenes with Charli are kept behind closed doors.

I loved their romance. I knew Charli would be in for a hard time, especially as Grant reveals more and more of his dating/romantic history. And despite some of Charli’s TSTL moves, I rooted for her time and time again. I wanted Grant to have another chance at love, and although Charli seemed to be the opposite of what he normally liked, they were perfect together in the bedroom and out! They danced around each other for awhile in the beginning, and the sexual tension between them ramped up to epic proportions. When they finally got down and dirty, it was sexy beyond belief!

For me, the weakest aspect of this story was the suspense plot. I never really understood why someone would want to try and kill Charli for the story she was working on, as it didn’t seem to me like the consequences of the story coming out would be all that horrific for the people involved. So the lengths that her villain went to “get” her just didn’t seem to really gel for me. Although it forced them together, and the threat was very real, it didn’t seem like a super realistic plot point to me, and didn’t work as well as I thought or hoped it would.

All in all I did enjoy this book. I’ve been looking forward to finding out more about the secretive Grant, and his history was more than a little heartbreaking. At the same time, I really did love Charli for being able to bring Grant out of his funk, back into the land of the living. Their romance was full of tension, and was rounded out by some seriously smokin hot sexy scenes. Loren continues to write a wonderful smutty series, and I for one can’t wait for more.
I give Fall Into You a B