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Calling The Shots - Christine d'Abo Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/10/11/review-calling-the-shots-by-christine-dabo/

I first discovered d’Abo last year when she started the Long Shots series with Carina Press. I instantly fell in love with her sexy writing and engaging characters. Now that Josh, sexy club owner, gets his own book, I’m thrilled.

Josh is looking to expand Mavericks, his totally inclusive sex club, into other city markets. He has investors lined up and is ready to pitch to them. But when someone vandalizes the club, everything seems as if its going to fall through.

Assistant manager Beth and head bartender Oliver are both smitten with Josh – and each other. They are ready to embark on a very non-traditional relationship together, if they can get Josh on board. The sex is totally hot, but they all struggle with the emotions that are overpowering everything else. When things come crumbling down at the club, will Beth and Oliver be enough to keep Josh from going off the deep end?

I’ll admit that I’m not usually a fan of committed menage relationship books. More often than not, things seem to go so easily for the triad that it doesn’t feel real. With these three, they have TONS of complications, misunderstandings and hurt feelings. They bicker and yell and fight and it just seemed so real to me, with how vulnerable each person was.

One of the things that I wish d’Abo would have added would be more time in Beth and Oliver’s POV. We spent the vast majority of the book in Josh’s head, and while I loved getting to know so much more about him, I wanted more from Oliver and Beth as well. They were both so complex and great, and I would have liked more time with each of them.

One thing d’Abo always does well is the sexy times. I know I can count on her to deliver a smokin’ how story that curls my toes. In this book, she also explored some aspects of a m/m/f relationship that I don’t ever recall reading before. Let’s just say it’s a nice change of pace to see a male AND female in the relationship as the “dominant” ones. *wink*

I also liked the subplot with the vandalism and harassment of Josh and the club. It didn’t take over the story, but it provided a nice break between sexy times. I will admit to being a little surprised with how Josh handled everything. But on the other hand, it really provided another layer to him as an overall character.

All in all I really enjoyed this addition to the Long Shots Series. Josh, Beth and Oliver were all so great together, but I do wish we would have had more time in other POVs. Anyone looking for a super-duper sexy m/m/f NEEDS to check this one out. So Hot!
I give Calling the Shots a B+