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Rev It Up - Julie Ann Walker Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/10/02/review-rev-it-up-by-julie-ann-walker/

I am so glad that I found and started this series, it’s one of those where the books just keep getting better and better as the series develops. The 3rd book in the Black Knights Inc book focuses on Michelle and Jake, fairly new characters to the series, and ones I hope we see more and more of!

Jake “the Snake” is in Chicago and has one mission in mind – to win Michelle’s heart. he has long been head over heels in love with her, but battling his own demons made him feel like he wasn’t worthy of her love. So, he pushed her away until he was ready to settle down and commit one hundred percent to the only woman to ever hold his heart. The last thing he expected to have to do when he got to town was protect her.

Michelle has always loved Jake, but he broke her heart once, and now she is wary to give it to him once again. But the stress of her brother’s work and Jake needing to be her bodyguard are wearing her down and making her even more susceptible to his charms. As the threat against her heats up, Michelle realizes that she may lose not only Jake, but everything she holds precious.

I was so intrigued by the idea of Michelle and Jake after the way the last book ended. I couldn’t wait to see how they would work everything out, especially given the rocky nature of their history. Plus, I’m a total sucker for second chance love stories, and if anyone deserves a second chance at love, it’s Michelle and Jake. These two have been through so much as a couple, and as individuals, that there is nothing I wanted more for them except a happily ever after.

I’m going to start with Jake, because I lurved him so hard. He was Alpha to the extreme, and his time in the military had such a huge impact on his life. He was a SEAL and a hardened soldier, but what he saw and did lived with him day in and day out. Although we didn’t get to see much of his PTSD in action, the feelings of despair that he went through were evident in his memories, and I was glad that they weren’t glossed over any more than they were. It’s such an important aspect of our military men and women, and I love seeing it play out in books with military heroes. Plus, Jake is so absolutely in love with Michelle, and fights tooth and nail to prove it to her, I just loved that about him!

I adored Michelle as well. Being a single mother with a dead war-hero husband wasn’t easy, yet she has given her son the best life she can. She is sweet and kind hearted and although she isn’t perfect, she is the kind of adorable heroine that I would want to be friends with. As more and more of her story unraveled, I was taken aback by how much she really went through, and what exactly she has had to deal with in her life. She was strong and resilient and I absolutely adored her.

Their romance was great as well. Jake went in with guns blazing, hoping with every bone in his body he would be able to win back the girl of his dreams. Michelle was hesitant and scared and pushed him away despite the attraction that pulled at both of them. I loved their journey to happily ever after, especially when HUGE secrets about their past are revealed, and Jake has to reevaluate his whole opinion and ideal of Michelle. It was a great twist in the story that I should have seen coming, and yet blindsided me at the same time. Awesome! Anytime a story can do that… totally awesome.

All in all I am so happy with the 3rd installment of the Black Knights Inc series. Walker told a wonderful second chance love story with Michelle and Jake, and still was able to pull me into the secondary characters so much so that I can’t wait for the next installment. I was glad to see the sub-plot with Johnny wrapped up, and can’t wait to see where the series goes next!
I give Rev It Up a B+