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In Rides Trouble - Julie Ann Walker Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/09/05/review-in-rides-trouble-by-julie-ann-walker/

After reading the first book in the Black Knights Inc series, I was super excited to read all about Becky and Frank. I adored their barbs and banter, and couldn’t wait to see how they would overcome their obstacles on the way to happily ever after!

Becky needed a break from the guys at Black Knights Inc, but her yacht trip with her best friends turned from a relaxing way to decompress to a hostage situation with pirates. She doesn’t worry though, because Becky knows that the guys will do everything in their power to rescue her before the situation can escalate. But during the big rescue, Becky has to hold her own against one of the pirates, and his survival will be all about revenge.

Frank has always had a thing for the younger Becky, but he is also scared to get involved with someone much younger than him. He holds himself a step away, until everything with the pirates comes to a headway and he succums to his desires. But with his own personal demons, and a revenge plot against Becky, will Frank be able to have the time to make a decision and follow through before it’s too late?

The sexual tension between these two is KILLER. The back and forth and drama walked that fine line of just enough and too much angst for me. Between Becky’s school-girl-like crush and Frank’s childhood demons, these two had a lot to overcome on their own before they could really begin an adult relationship. That being said, I loved their journey together. All the dancing around and flirting and innuendo, followed by the self-realization and ability to come together made for a great read.

I loved the suspense portion of the book as well. I don’t think I’ve read a book with modern day pirates yet, so that aspect of it was so neat and fun to read about. I also liked the fact that we got to see Becky and Frank relax and slow down a bit, all while we got to see a little “behind the curtain” as to what was going on with the pirate who got away and wanted nothing more than to get revenge on Becky. It was a way of amping up the suspense, all while giving the hero and heroine a chance to focus on themselves instead of the external threat.

We got the chance to meet some of the other Black Knights, and I loved all the page time that Wild Bill and Angel got. I can’t wait to see more of these guys in action! On top of meeting more Knights, we also met to hero (very briefly) and heroine, Frank’s sister Michelle, of the next book in the series. Walker briefly set up their history together, and I’m excited to report the next book is a 2nd chance love story (*sigh*, I love those)!

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that it felt a little rushed at the end. Once Frank and Becky opened up completely they realized all the things holding them back were no longer an issue and their HEA came quickly. I would have liked to see them be in love for a while before jumping to the alter. Despite their long time attraction, their never ending devotion and commitment came a little out of left field for me.

All in all I really enjoyed the second installment of the Black Knights Inc series. I felt this book had a strong romance vibe than the first in the series, and the suspense plot was fresh and new in my eyes. While Frank and Becky toed the line with their emotional angst, I felt as if it was the perfect combination of drama and sexual tension. I am anxious to read more from Walker and can’t wait to read about the other Knights!
I give In Rides Trouble a B+