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Karma - Carly Phillips Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/04/30/review-giveaway-karma-by-carly-phillips/

I’ve been a fan of Carly Phillips for a long time, and whenever she writes books set in small towns, I know that I will be in for a fabulous read. The Serendipity series is no exception, and the third Barron brother book was just as good as the first two.

Dare is the youngest Barron brother and one of the local police officers in Serendipity. Dare has had a longtime crush on Liza, but he only gets to see her when she comes to the station to bail her brother out of jail. He’s long wanted to get to know her better, but between her enabling her brother’s horrible behavior, and Dare’s own secret shame from his past, he had never been able to be anything other than rude and abrasive with her.

Liza has always been attracted to Dare, but he was always so surly with her. But when things at work and in her personal life start spinning out of control, Dare volunteers to be her personal bodyguard. Their attraction to each other spirals and both Dare and Liza begin to fall deeply for each other. But with their pasts intertwined in violence and secrets, will they be able to move past it and start a life together?

I figured that Dare would be the Barron brother with the most issues and secrets, and I loved him for it. The motivation behind him becoming a police officer, his relationship with his brothers, even his interaction with everyone else around him is one of regret and guilt and his never ending desire to make amends for something he had no control over as a child. While I occasionally wanted to smack Dare and tell him to snap out of it, I have to admit that I adored his character so much because of it. And especially once he was able to let go of all that guilt… *melt*

I also really liked Liza for Dare. She seemed to match him so well. Not only was their attraction to each other so obvious from the moment they first laid eyes on each other, but they also balanced each other in every way. Where Liza was soft and insecure, Dare was there to be her strength and build back her confidence. They shared in the guilt from their pasts, and they each did everything possible to help the other move on and get past all the BS.

I was glad to see their relationship progress slowly. Neither one seemed ready or willing to jump into anything serious, and once they did get to that point, they were both careful of their budding relationship. I have to admit that Dare pissed me off a bit when he snapped at Liza after a stressful evening. While I understood why he was so upset, I wanted to hurt him for taking it out on her. At least his way of proving his love to her was pretty epic.

I’m so glad that this will not be the last book in the Serendipity series as a whole. I adore this small town and can’t wait to go back into the town and watch as more of the townsfolk find love.

All in all I was very happy with the third Barron brother Serendipity novel. I adored Dare from the first moment he walked onto the page and couldn’t wait to learn all his secrets. In this regard, Phillips doesn’t disappoint. The romance was wonderful, the heat was intense and the emotional journey from start to finish was a wild ride. Phillips fans will love this installment of the Serendipity Series!

I give Karma a B+