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Sweet Addiction (Sweet, #6) - Maya Banks Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/04/23/review-sweet-addiction-by-maya-banks/

Maya Banks finally released the 6th and final book in the Sweet Series, and featured one of my favorite characters from the series, Cole. Although the series was REALLY wrapped up in book 5, and this was just special treat for readers, part of me wishes I hadn’t read this book, and other parts of me are glad I did.

Cole has had one true love in his life, his long-ago sweetheart Ren. After an awful whipping accident, Cole beat himself up and finally did what he thought was best, and left Ren for good. Now it’s ten years later and he still thinks about her, still compares every other woman to her. When he runs into her, he jumps at the chance to be her Dom again, if only for a two week period. He wants to win her over, prove to her he loves her, and make his life with her.

The only problem is that now Ren has a new Dom, and one she cares for deeply: Lucas. Lucas doesn’t want to let Ren go, but knows that in order to have a future with her, he will have to let her wrap up her past. The two weeks are as agonizing for him, and they are wonderful for Cole. But when the two weeks are up, and bonds have formed, love has been declared, will Ren be able to choose just one, or will they all lose out?

While I was beyond anxious to see what kind of lady would win Cole’s heart, I was a little displeased with the set-up of this story. It’s no secret that I am hesitant with the menage relationships, because I often feel as if one person in the relationship is getting jipped, or that one person isn’t being as loved, or whatever the case may be. While I could appreciate the way that Banks handled the very end, not letting one man or the other marry Ren, monopolize more of her time, etc. It still felt a little off to me. Maybe it’s just my inability to see how Cole and Lucas – two VERY dominant Alpha male personalities would be willing to share their submissive, especially given their near hatred toward each other throughout the entire story.

I do have to say though, I had a hard time rooting for one man or the other. I liked Lucas, I liked Cole, and I thought that each man had their own special bond with Ren. The sexy moments, whether it was just Ren/Lucas, Ren/Cole, Ren/Lucas/Cole were all pretty hot. Then again, I’ve come to trust that Banks will always deliver a book that steams up my glasses, regardless of the genre, couples, or theme.

The BDSM aspect of this book was at times a little disturbing. I liked that Banks doesn’t shy away from exploring relationships that take on a lot of Master/slave qualities. Both Cole and Lucas were absolute in their domination, and didn’t shy away from doing anything and everything for Ren. While I could see WHY she appreciated and thrived in that kind of lifestyle, I think both Cole and Lucas also took it to the extreme. It seemed like they both made some HUGE, life changing decisions for Ren without consulting her, thinking that they knew best when it came to her feelings. I didn’t like that. They were both so great at talking and understanding her when it came to the sexual aspects of their relationship. But when it moved into the private, emotionally intimate moments, they seemed to develop more controlling bastard than loving Dom tendencies.

My biggest problem with the book came in the end. While it ended the only way I could see possible for all parties involved, I was left feeling a little put out. I never once believed in the HEA between the three of them, and to me, I just couldn’t believe that two very alpha men like Cole and Lucas would be able to share the woman they were supposedly head-over-heels in love with. The epilogue wrapped everything up in a pretty little bow, but it felt more like a fairy tale, Disney ending than anything else.

All in all I had some very mixed feelings with this one. The sexy times were smoking, but there was just so many emotional misses, especially towards the end. Add in a happily ever after that felt as if it went into the realm of fairy tale and out of the realm of fiction, and I was left feeling like this was more of a happy for now, despite the commitment at the end. Seeing more of Damon and Micah was great, but I think I might need to go back and read Sweet Possession just so I can end the series on a SUPER high note.
I give Sweet Addiction a C