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Gunmetal Magic -  Ilona Andrews In the fairness of full disclosure, I read this story in a previous draft as well. While I liked it back then, I love and adore it now.

Andrea is incredible in this book. She kicks ass, takes names, and is a total bad ass. I love her, best side-kick. Ever.
Raphael has some total d-bag moments, but I love him. He more than makes up for it with some groveling and hilarious shifter pranks.
Asciano gets some great page time, and I love that little kid!!
A few moments with Kate and Curran, and they are a blast. BUT WAIT - the novella Magic Gifts that Ilona had for free on her website during christmas, is added to the end of this book. *CHEER*
As always, Ilona delivers an incredible story wrapped around myth and folklore that leaves me desperate for more!