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Warprize - Elizabeth Vaughan Joint review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/04/02/joint-review-warprize-by-elizabeth-vaughan

MinnChica: I’m probably the one bookpusher who doesn’t read that much fantasy. I have a few authors I’ve enjoyed, but it’s not my go-to genre. I have no idea when, but at some point, I picked up Warprize and bought it. It sat on my shelves for who-knows-how-long and when the girls as if I wanted to join them in this joint review, I jumped on the chance to finally get around to reading it. And boy am I glad I did. I absolutely adored the world that Vaughan created with Lara and Kier. As the story unfolded I found myself more and more enchanted with each and every character, so much so that I went and purchased the 2nd book on my nook the moment I finished this!

Has: Oh I am so glad you finally got to read it! This is one of my all time favourite books and it has become a comfort reread for me because this book is the epitome of magic and romance -- even though there is hardly any magical elements in the story. The romance, the setting, and the premise is nothing new but Elizabeth Vaughan adds such a unique twist with the details and the emotions in the romance and story that it does feel refreshing. I remember reading Warprize for the first time, and it was a book which I inhaled. Keir and Lara and their differences as well as being from two contrasting cultures was explored beautifully and with such rich and vivid details which really stood out for me from other similar books.

Lou: I can remember Has recommending me Warprize, and it was when we met online. I remember Has telling me you have GOT to read this series. So I bought the first book, and oh my goodness. Waprize had everything that I had been waiting for -- which sounds weird, but I’ll explain. I’ve always been a fan of fantasy, but I’ve always wanted romance to be the central focus of the story but without losing any impact of the fantasy and world building. Warprize did this in spades and so much more. Lara’s and Keir’s relationship I believe will be remembered as one of those never forget reads. It had the epic scope of a fantasy with a sweeping romance, a world that was built strong with different factions and tribes. And even though it does lack magical tendencies, it doesn’t suffer.

MinnChica: I’ll admit that I felt a little letdown at first when I realized there would be no magic in this story, and then I got so swept up with Lara, her desire to heal, her kind heart and her never wavering sense self and worth. Add in Keir who was a strong leader, but a kind and caring man. Their love story was so sweet and epic. I loved that they were both so open to learning each other’s customs and ways, and how open they were to integrating their lives. I hoped that Lara would work up the courage to ask for further explanation on word translations though... although that was part of the fun of reading their story.

Has: I think this sums up what was so magical about their romance; it never falls into cliched pitfalls of an angsty misunderstanding which can feel forced. But there is a core conflict about their differing cultures and trying to compromise and to cement an understanding. However their romance which is so integral to the story was fantastic, I love the idea behind the Warprize and the meaning it has - especially when Lara learns of what it truly means to be one and her realisation of what that entails for her being as a healer and a lover. I ADORED that scene so much!

Lou: I think the conflict between the two of them was very realistic with Lara and her healing nature, and Kier with his warring ways. Lara’s healing was a great contrast to Kier, and it becomes a factor in their relationship when Kier realises just how much Lara risks by doing so. Not only does Lara have to deal with her brother giving her away, she has to deal with a new culture of people and try to understand where she fits in amongst it all -- along with her growing attraction and closeness to Kier. The romance is so strong and I loved that it stood up in a Fantasy book. Just makes me fall in love with the Fantasy genre again because there is no limits and restrictions.

MinnChica: All in all I am so glad I was pushed into reading this book. The world Vaughan created was absolutely magical in its charm and characters. There are so many secondary characters to love, and the romance between Lara and Keir was just so incredible well done I melted throughout the entire book. I’ve already got (and read) book two, so now it’s onto book three for me!
I give Warprize an A

Has: I have recced this book countless of times and I will continue to do so because I know most people will adore this book even if they aren’t fans of epic fantasy. The contrasting cultures, and characters from opposing sides is a great premise and Warprize definitely delivers that element. But for me, the love story is what is truly engrossing and magical. Keir and Lara’s romance is really an epic love story which really conveys wonderfully to the reader, I was enthralled when I first read the book and because of this - it has remained to be one of my all time favourite romances.
I give Warprize an A+

Lou: When we decided on doing a Fantasy feature, Warprize was one of thee first books to come to mind. A romantic sweeping tale of a hero and heroine from different cultures who have to deal with an attraction that just gets stronger and stronger as they spend more time together. For those who are not huge fans of Fantasy reads, I would recommend this book for the romance alone because it’s so memorable and it gets better with each book in the trilogy. It also doesn’t shy away from hard realities which makes it that much more realistic.
I give Warprize and A