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Hammer Down (Children of the Undying, #1) - Moira Rogers Joint review with E originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2012/01/03/joint-review-hammer-down-by-moira-rogers

Publisher: Samhain
Publish Date: Out now
How we got this book: ARC from the Author

MinnChica: When Bree and Donna first announced the Children of the Undying series, I was sooo excited. The moment I got my copy of Hammer Down, I read it immediately and couldn’t even begin to express just how awesome I thought this book was. There were so many amazing things about this, and the set up for the series that it instantly became one of my favorite books and most anticipated new series!

E: Like Minn I was really excited about this new series but I decided to wait to read Hammer Down until right before we were going to write this review. It didn’t help that work got crazy and I thought I would need a treat once things calmed down again. I am very glad I wanted because I think the anticipation of this book made it even better!

MinnChica: We first met Zel in the novella Demon Bait, and although we didn’t get to know his character very well, I knew back then I would love him like crazy, and of course I was right! He was an alpha to the extreme (and we all know how much I love my alpha heroes!) and the thing that I loved most about him, was despite how alpha he was, he also loved the fact that Devi was just as strong, just as alpha, just as kick ass. He didn’t worry about putting her in a bubble or hiding her away. There is just something very sexy about a man who let’s his alpha heroine be just as kick ass as he is.

E: Zel *fans self* he was certainly sizzling from the taste we got to see in Demon Bait and I was rather curious to see if he was going to live up to my first impression. He certainly did! I could see how responsible he felt towards his people and how frustrating he found diplomacy but when the time called for it he clamped down on his demon instincts and let his word talk for him. Those moments when he let everything out were just amazing! Like Minn I was really impressed that almost despite his Alpha-ness he let Devi do what she needed to do. He didn’t always like it but when the chips were down he didn’t waste time trying to stop her. I think it takes a pretty impressive leader to let others use their skills even in danger, especially when they are someone you care deeply about.

MinnChica: Oh definitely! Sometimes with really alpha heroines, I have a hard time getting on board with their character, but to me Devi was the perfect woman for Zel. She fought for him, and when her people needed her to, she fought against him for what she believed in. Watching her with the other truckers was great as well, she really came across as being the mother hen. She was their protector, their boss, their family and for me, that brought her character to a whole other depth.

E: Devi was a great complete character too. She never tried to prove that she was more of a man then any of the men. I loved how she portrayed that you don’t have to do that in order to be an alpha woman. You could see the depths of the trust and how deeply her fellow truckers cared about about her by how they acted. She knew when to push them and when to let them snarl without taking it personally or getting into a testosterone match. In other words she wasn’t portrayed as guy with a double X chromosome. But she wasn’t the only character who really intrigued me. What did you think about Tanner?

MinnChica: Oh Tanner… Oh Trip…. Oh what a kick ass cast of supporting characters! One of the things I love most about Moira Rogers’ series is that I know that I can always count on them to bring me an incredible cast of characters that are developed from the moment they step onto the page. Between Tanner and Trip and Cache I just know that we are in for an AMAZING series that will feature heroes and heroines that will continuously blow us away. I need to know more of Tanner and all his secrets! I need to know what is going to happen with Trip! I’m hooked!!

E: I agree their cast of supporting characters is always a treat. I really enjoy how you get to see glimpses of who they are and what they can do as the book progressed. They are not used as just placeholders. I enjoy their growth as much as I do the main hero/heroine yet they never overshadow the main action. I think the tension between the truckers and the outcasts isn’t completely settled yet. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens as everyone tries to find their places in their changing world. Another thing I enjoyed was the inclusion of not just external tension — humans vs demons vs half-human/half-demon but the internal politics and how should Zel’s community be run.

MinnChica: I can’t wait to find out everything about the world. I think that this world-building is one of the best post-apocalyptic worlds I’ve ever read. There are so many different aspects that I love: the technology, the paranormal, the dynamics between humans and demons, the half-bloods, the politics… I could go on and on. I really just can’t say enough good things… All in all Hammer Down was one book that absolutely blew me away. Everything that I’ve come to expect and love from Moira Rogers was here: wonderfully developed characters, an interesting alternative world and some steamy lovin’. From the first page on I was engaged and in love with the story.
I give Hammer Down an A

E: Moira Rogers packed some very interesting twists and turns in their world. It is amazing the amount of detail they have provided and yet there is still so much more to be discovered. I really liked how technology, mental skills, a certain ‘flexibility’ as well as everything that Minn mentions above has been integrated. Yes this is a dangerous post apocalyptic world but it isn’t complete devastation and lawlessness. People still go on living, satisfying elemental urges and cherishing their dreams. I completely lost track of time while I was reading this which I find to be a wonderful treat.
I give Hammer Down an A.