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Deadlock (Southern Arcana, #3) - Moira Rogers Review can be found at my blog here: http://lifeaccording2nicole.blogspot.com/2011/01/deadlock-by-moira-rogers.html

Publisher: Samhain
Publish Date:
How I got this book: eARC from author

The Moira Rogers duo strikes again with the third installment of the Southern Arcana Series, and my favorite story so far! Alec is the pureblood werewolf living in New Orleans that does his best to keep the peace, train new wolves, provide sanctuary to those who need it, and defy rules every chance he gets. When Carmen, the newest doctor in the supernatural hospital in the city gets kidnapped and roughed up, Alec takes it hard.

Carmen’s family has been one of the political heavy weights for some time now, and when she gets kidnapped and has her inner wolf ramped up, she has to turn to Alec for both protection and help getting under control. But things with Alec are passionate and hot, and the heat turns up in more ways than one. But when push comes to shove, are these two going to be able to protect each other, and the other supernatural’s in New Orleans?

I’ve been loving on Alec ever since he first walked onto the page, and he really shines in this one. I always knew that Alec the bad boy, constant rule breaker, and all around bad ass would be somewhat of a softy when push comes to shove. And I just loved that he proved me right. I love the fact that he was a complete sucker for Carmen, wanting to be a better man for her, I love that he wanted the best for all the supernatural’s in New Orleans, proving that although he gave up wolf politics long ago, he still has a knack for it.

I was really excited that Rogers gave us a better look into the social structure and political structure of the wolves in their world. While I can’t usually stand any and all talk about politics, I enjoyed how thorough, well thought out, and extensively they imagined their world to be. Plus, the way that Alec was able to come in and totally dominate the council… *swoon* So perfect!

Although Carmen and the Mendoza brothers are new characters, I really felt connected with them right off the bat. Carmen is an amazing character, and really is the perfect fit with Alec: the calm to his storm, the foundation to his plans. Likewise, her brothers Miguel and Julio really jumped off the page at me, capturing my attention and demanding we love them. I have to say, I can’t wait for these two to get their stories!!

I felt like this book really moved the series along as well. I can see where Rogers is taking the story, and am really liking the direction we are headed! Andrew and Kat get plenty of page time, and the foundation to their story (Cipher, releases Sep 2011) was laid out in a way that has me anxious for fall!

All in all, I give Deadlock 5 out of 5 werewolf council take overs!