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Demon Bait - Moira Rogers Joint review with E originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2011/11/22/joint-review-demon-bait-by-moira-rogers/

Publisher: Samhain
Publish Date: November 29th
How we got this book: eARC from Author

E: I am sure that those who study fiction writing over the ages have theories about what social events and economic standings tend to trigger changes in what types of themes rise and fall. I have a few guesses but I will leave those to the scholars. Being a reader for entertainment’s sake what I notice instead is that as themes rise it becomes more difficult to find a new variation or a different world or a taste of originality. I am pleased to say that the introduction novella DEMON BAIT to Moira Rogers’ Children of the Undying series provided me with all of that. Yes some parts were familiar as in the world as we know it has been destroyed, people are living in small mostly isolated areas protected against the outside and those that are different. However some of the answers to the following questions are what caused DEMON BAIT to stand out: What caused the devastation? What are the differences? What secrets do people hide? What will they do to survive?

MinnChica: I am such a huge fan of post-apocalyptic worlds, and when Moira Rogers announced they were starting a new series with a post-apocalyptic world and magic it was a triple score for me. One of my favorite authors, writing in a setting that integrates two of my favorite sub-genres: post-apocalyptic worlds and magic. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but I have to say I was so happy with where Rogers took this book. There was an integration of technology I’ve never seen before, and the book is full of sexy moments and the always fabulous romance I’ve come to expect with these two. I absolutely loved this short story, and can tell this series is going to be incredible!

E: Like you I really enjoyed the blend of world destruction and magic. I have read other series that use a similar blend but it was great seeing this different take. I think my favorite piece of futuristic technology they included was the ability to use glasses to basically plug into the network. I do wonder what this network is made of given the amount of devastation that exists. I also got the feeling that their network was more important to the continuation of society than anyone wanted to admit. I can see all sorts of issues with that if someone ever hacked in with the intent to harm.

MinnChica: I loved the whole network thing. I’m still not one hundred percent sure how it all works, but the concept of it totally kicks ass!! I think that Rogers will probably expand more and more on the network, what it’s capabilities are and all that other stuff as the series goes on. Being that I know both Donna and especially Bree are very computer savvy, I think the possibilities for expanding on this aspect of the world are just exponential. One of the things I also really like is the concept of demons and half-demons and what is good and evil and all that. There are few demon stories that I feel are done well, and this is one series I think will do a fabulous job with that paranormal element.

E: Yes, I enjoyed that concept as well. Like always they have very complete characterization which makes it easy to sink into their world and wonder what is going to happen next as you travel along with them. As I read I had started with a very definite view of good and evil in terms of the good guys and the bad guys but I was reminded that really it is all shades of grey. Not everyone living in a “city” was good and not everyone living outside the “city” was bad. Different areas had different types of rules but they all maintained some sense of society and having to do what was best for most. It is hard to find a portrayal of the ambiguity of good versus evil that doesn’t make me feel like I should feel guilty for rooting for the wrong side so being able to just enjoy the discovery throughout the novella was a real treat. I am really looking forward to learning more about some of the people we were briefly introduced to and how they fit with the rules.

MinnChica: Oh yes, I loved that the more we learned about the world, the more we saw the ins-and-outs of right and wrong, good and evil. Having had a sneak peak at book one – Hammer Down – I can tell you that Rogers dives even deeper into that in future books. LOVE IT! Another thing we have to mention is just how steamy this one was (like all their books really). I loved the whole scene where Marcie and Gabe were in the bunker. The sexy times were super hot, but they also developed so much of their romance during that time as well. Awesome!

E: No we can’t forget about the sexy times! As good as those were I think the most satisfying moment for me was the groveling. Gabe made an error in judgement and he paid for it. He accepted what he had done wrong, made amends, and totally kept his word to Marcie even though he knew he could lose her forever. I haven’t peeked at Hammer Down yet but I am certainly looking forward to it . One thing that hopefully will be included is something about the different punishments besides death that are used to enforce the rules. I know Gabe was punished for disregarding some of the rules but what happened was only hinted. That is the only area that I felt suffered from the shorter word count. Thanks to their deft world-building, complex characterization, and all around engrossing story I have Demon Bait an A-

MinnChica: How could I forget the groveling?! *melt* All in all I LOVED Demon Bait. I thought it was so well done from the romance to the world-building to the overall unique feel of the story. I think that Rogers has another winning series on their hands with this one, and I can’t wait for the series to continue and the world to keep building. I give Demon Bait an A

I got a super early sneak peak at this one, and let me tell you it is awesomesauce wrapped in kick-ass slathered in HAWT!

Rogers blends a unique post-apocalyptic 'matrix' style world with their paranormal prowess to create one of the most intriguing worlds I've ever read.

While the story is only a novella, it packs a huge punch from the first page. Gabe and Marci are smokin' and sizzling left and right, both together and separately.

This is one Moira Rogers read you WON'T want to miss!!