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Edge of Survival - Toni Anderson Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2011/11/23/review-edge-of-survival-by-toni-anderson/

Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: Out Now
How I got this book: NetGalley

Cameran has lived her whole life with diabetes, and wanting to prove that she has the ability to make it as a scientist in the field, she takes an assignment in the Canadian bush, despite the protests from her parents and others. Before she can even get started, Cameran stumbles on to the dead body of a local girl and realises she might have gotten a little over her head.

Daniel is looking to escape his past, one helicopter ride at a time. But there is something about Cameran that pulls at him, makes him want to live and feel once again. The two get closer together, despite their many obstacles. But when Daniel gets framed for the murder and Cameran finds herself in the killer’s path, will he be able to save her in time before she becomes the next victim?

I’m a big fan of romantic suspense, but for some reason I had a difficult time getting into this book. For me, the pace was very slow in the beginning. There were parts that moved quickly and were able to hold my attention well – for example Cameran finding the dead body – but then the plot would go back into a lull and I would fall back into the rut of things moving at a slower pace than I like in my romantic suspense books.

I have to applaud Anderson on her ability to write such a wonderful heroine. Despite Cameran’s struggles with diabetes, she is an engaging and fun heroine to read. All of Cameran’s hardships with the disease were put across the page in a beautiful way, showcasing just how devastating it can be to live with diabetes, and yet how full your life can be with proper care and management. In that aspect, I thought the story was done so incredibly well. I really enjoyed Cameran and her strength.

Daniel on the other hand, was not the kind of romance hero I normally like to read about. Sure he was a sexy alpha man who was wounded and obviously needed a woman to swoop down and save him. But at the same time he was a total ass to Cameran and everyone else he came into contact with. He went so far as to sleep with Cameran’s best friend in the beginning of the book while having lusty thoughts of Cameran in the back of his mind. While normally I don’t mind the alpha-hole heroes, Daniel just came across to me as a first class jerk.

The suspense portion of the book wasn’t as scary suspenseful as others I’ve read. Despite the murder at the beginning of the book, it is fairly obvious that the killer is really only after an animal, although the reasons why are shrouded in mystery to the end. It is really only by chance that Cameran gets messed up in the killer’s web. For me, the whole suspense plot was a little less than stellar, and while it took me awhile to figure out who the bad guy was, it also wasn’t a huge surprise.

All in all I felt this book was great in some areas, and really lack-luster in others. I enjoyed the heroine but never really liked the hero. The suspense and plot and action were at times enjoyable, but overall fell somewhat short for me.
I give Edge of Survival a C-