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Slip Point - Karalynn Lee Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2011/11/09/review-slip-point-by-karalynn-lee/

Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: Out Now!
How I got this book: NetGalley

I love me some science-fiction romance, and this Lee novella was a great space opera romance!

Shay has wanted nothing more than to get off world and join the Space Corps, but when she realizes that her father is not who she thought he was, she is denied entry into the Corps and her life takes a turn she never expected. Now a pirate under her father, she is approached to take a job from the government that is peril to their survival. Shay is hesitant, but takes the job anyway. When she realizes part of her cargo is her old flame Jayce, things heat up.

Jayce never got the chance to even say good-bye to Shay, so when she ends up as being the Pirate leading his latest mission, Jayce takes the chance to rekindle their friendship. But when things with the mission take an unexpected turn, Jayce may have to choose between Shay and the job.

I really enjoyed this short novella. It was a great mix of space opera style science fiction with heart warming romance. I loved that the story started with Jayce and Shay as kids, meeting and sharing a love of space and flying. From there we get a glimpse of them as young adults – in love and hoping to embark on their future on the Corps together. It set up the story line beautifully and gave the reader a chance to feel as if they knew who the Jayce and Shay were, their history and their love before the meat and potatoes of the story started.

I absolutely LOVED both Jayce and Shay. They were such great characters, and I really did feel like I got such a great understanding of them both. One of the things I liked most about Shay was that despite the fact she was a pirate with her father, she also had her morals and values. I love that she really stayed true to herself, that she didn’t become corrupt and jaded after having to lose her dream and become a pirate. Even through the entire novella, I thought that Lee did an excellent job keeping the characters true and consistent and enjoyable to read.

The romance between Jayce and Shay was very well done as well. It was painfully obvious they were both still head-over-heels in love with each other, despite their years apart. Their time together was sweet and at times very sexy, but they also took their time building trust, a friendship and them commitment. There was plenty of sexual tension and build-up as they danced around the adults they grew into. I really enjoy second chance romance stories, especially when they are done as well as this.

The action plot was great as well. I really liked the overall story line with their mission and how it all ended up panning out in the end. The story-line moved at a quick pace, while still being informative and detailed.

All in all I was extremely happy with my first Lee read. The romance was great, the characters were easy to relate to and the action kept the story moving along at a quick pace. Although it’s a shorter novella, the story didn’t feel rushed at all. I will be checking out more from this author in the future!
I give Slip Point an A