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A Shot in the Dark - Christine d'Abo Really enjoyed this one! I thought the BDSM aspects were done really well, the romance and relationship was great, and the smexy times was totally hot. VERY good but short novella! Will be looking for more books by this author.

Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2011/11/03/review-a-shot-in-the-dark-by-christine-d%E2%80%99abo/

Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: November 7th
How I got this book: NetGalley

This was my first Christine d’Abo book, and will NOT be my last. I really enjoyed this one!

Paige has sworn of the lifestyle and spends so much time working, she doesn’t have time to worry about her pathetic social life. But one night Carter walks into the coffee shop and Paige can’t help but to notice him. When she realizes he is a Dom and wants to play with her, all of Paige’s insecurities about the lifestyle take front and center stage in her mind.

Carter is intrigued by Paige, and wants nothing more than to play with her and see where things might go, but she is so scared of something in her past. After one night of indulgence, Carter can’t stay away from her. But when Paige is confronted with her past, will she be strong enough to stand up to it, or can she finally move on?

A few of the BDSM books I’ve read lately have fallen incredibly short. Yet here I am, back again, hoping that I can find another book and author who can deliver an emotional and sexy BDSM romance. Let me just say, that I thought d’Abo did a wonderful job.

As is somewhat common, Paige has a bit of a troubled history. Her previous Dom was a controlling and abusive bastard, and although she got the strength to leave him once, the emotional scars of the relationship prevent her from moving forward with her life. One of the things that I really liked about Paige, was that despite her fears, despite not knowing Carter for long, she trusts in her instincts. She listens to her gut and takes charge of her life back. I liked Paige, and even though at times it felt like she was rushing things with Carter, I never got the sense that she was going into situations with her eyes closed.

I loved Carter, he was such a great Dom and all around guy. He had the ability to read Paige and know exactly what she needed, how far to push and when to pull back. As a man, he was funny and charming and the fact that he spent all his time texting with Paige and getting to know her outside of the lifestyle was sweet and endearing and gave their romance a little bit of sweet mixed in with the spice. Plus some of the things he came up with… *fans self* Holy smokin’ hot!!

This is a shorter story (about 90 pages) so obviously the romance moved quickly. But unlike other stories I’ve read, I didn’t exactly feel as if things were rushed. There were no declarations of undying love, there was no promise of marriage and a happily ever after, and I liked it. Even the sub-plot with Paige’s ex didn’t feel forced or overdone. Instead it played out in a way that I thought was reasonable and well done.

I also loved Paige’s brother and sister. Although I’m not a fan of HEA menage stories, I might be tempted to go back and read the first book in the series. But the developing story between Ian and the mysterious “blue eyes” set up the third book really well. I might have to branch out of my comfort zone and read that one as well.

All in all I really loved this book. I thought the romance between Carter and Paige was well done, the BDSM scenes were hot and filled with believable emotion and commitment and communication. I only wish it would have been longer!

I give A Shot in the Dark an A