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Cipher - Moira Rogers Chat with Sophia from Fiction Vixen and Mandi from Smexybooks. Originally posted here: http://www.fictionvixen.com/2011/09/southern-arcana-read-along-cipher-chat.html

The Hero: After Andrew Callaghan was turned in a vicious attack, he distanced himself from Kat. He was out of control and dangerous and he spent their time apart training trying to adjust to his new shifter nature. He worked hard to learn control and skills to be able to protect the woman he loves. Now he has begun to find his place in his new life as a shifter and he has never stopped loving Kat.

The Heroine: Kat is a powerful empath. When Andrew was attacked and nearly killed she lost control of her powers and destroyed Andrew’s attackers. She was totally devastated and felt responsible for what happened to Andrew. When he left her broken hearted she focused on learning how to control her empath powers and trying to make sense of her life. Now she has received information about her mother and the cult she was involved in and Kat has called on Andrew to help her investigate.

Summary: A year ago, Andrew and Kat had feelings for each other – they wanted a relationship. But that was until the one fateful night Kat lost control of her empath abilities, and as a result, Andrew was turned into a shapeshifter. Both in a bad place, they drifted apart. Kat went to her mentor Callum, to learn control and discipline with her extremely strong empath abilities. Andrew went to fellow shapeshifter , Alec to learn how to lead his new life. How to protect the ones he loves, and use his shifter abilities to take down those that try to hurt his friends.

Now a year later, these two have awkward, stilted conversations. They both feel it is their fault for what happened all those months ago. When Kat learns of information about her mother and the cult she was involved in years ago, the only person around she can turn to is Andrew. Forced to take a road trip, they have lots of time to be together, and talk about the past. As Kat digs deeper into the psychic world her mother tried to protect her from, she discovers there are those that want to harm her, and now Andrew and herself are put to the test.

Nicole: I always love the friends to lovers stories, and the fact that after EVERYTHING Kat and Andrew had been through, they were finally able to put aside their fears and guilt and just be together, as they always wanted to be… *sigh*

Honestly, there wasn’t much I didn’t like about this book. The plot moved quickly and advanced the overall story arc, the sexy times were smokin’ hot and I thought the romance was on par given their history. I guess the only thing that grated on my nerves was the fact that they both had such a hard time forgiving themselves (and honestly, each other) for that “dreadful night”