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Only His - Susan Mallery Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2011/10/03/review-only-his-by-susan-mallery/

Publisher: HQN
Publish Date: Out Now!
How I got this book: NetGalley

I’ve been waiting anxiously for the last triplet to get her HEA, and when I realized it was not only a friends to lovers story, but a previous fling plot as well, I was super excited. I think Mallery does an exception job of taking some of the more classic plot-lines and putting her own unique spin on them.

Nevada has wanted to step out on her own, take a job that challenges her. When the opportunity arrives, she is sure she’ll get passed over because of her failed one-night with the boss man. But when Tucker hires her, Nevada steps up to the plate and makes him promise that it will just be business between them. But they start getting closer, despite the history between them.

However, when the woman who played an integral part in their history shows up in Fool’s Gold, will they be able to survive the emotional roller-coaster that comes along?

There were so many great things about this book, and Mallery continues to make the town of Fool’s Gold an engaging place where I would want to live. For the third time, I wish there would have been more interaction between the triplets. Throughout the whole second mini-series, we got to see the triplets together, but it was sparingly. I wanted more, and although they seemed to come together more throughout this book, it still wasn’t to the caliber I would have liked. That being said, there were some great characters introduced that I’m sure will be the focus of next years heroines.

Nevada and Tucker were great together. I loved that they had to work out the issues with their past, and come to terms with what happened between them. There were times I wanted to smack Tucker, especially when he was so blind to see how his ex-girlfriend was able to influence his life, and how much he had changed since being with her. There were times I felt he was a little emotionally stunted, but was happy with the way it all worked out in the end. (Like Mallery’s ever disappointed me… =D)

I’m also happy to report that two of my favorite side characters also got a lot of face-time and a resolution to their stories. Bar owner Jo, and the Hendrix matriarch Denise each get their HEA. I loved the back story with Jo and was annoyed at her hero’s brash response to her history. Although I think he still has quite a bit of groveling to do, I like them together. I was also happy with the way things worked out for Denise. I was a little surprised with the spin that Mallery put on her new relationship, but so SO glad she ended it that way. It was perfect for me.

I did feel that there was so much going on in the book, that we didn’t get a ton of time to really focus on Nevada and Tucker’s relationship. Even the time that was devoted to them was spent between the past and the present. I would have liked to have more page time with them as their relationship grew, because it did feel a little rushed.

All in all the Fool’s Gold series continues with another successful trilogy. While this was not my favorite story in this trilogy, it was absolutely hilarious and witty, romantic and sweet, sexy and fun, and an all around wonderful read. Fool’s Gold fans will still be hooked, and ready for more!

I give Only His a B-