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Lightning That Lingers - Sharon Curtis, Tom Curtis Review originally posted here:

Publisher: Loveswept
Publish Date: Out Now!
How I got this book: NetGalley

I was super excited about the Loveswept line being brought back, and couldn’t wait to get some of their titles. Since I didn’t read a whole lot of romance until a few years ago, I was looking forward to reading some of their “throw back” titles.

Phillip will do just about anything to keep his family home preserved until he can get the state to make it a wild life preservation, including strip at the local club to make ends meet. But when he sees Jennifer from afar one night he finds himself drawn to her blushing and shy personality, something he isn’t accustomed to seeing. Phillip will stop at nothing to have her.

Jennifer is new to town and not used to living on the wild side. She is embarrassed to be at the strip club, even worse when the hottest man ever starts paying attention to her. When Phillips begins pursuing her relentlessly, Jennifer learns so much more behind the man with a pretty face. He opens her eyes to so much, and the two embark on a sweet romance.

Now, this is probably going to get virtual tomatoes thrown at me, but I’ve gotta say it anyway… I’m kinda glad I didn’t read romance books “back in the day.” I liked my romance with a little spice and a lot of heat, and this just did not have that. At times it almost felt like what I would call an inspirational romance, (without all the religion) and it was almost TOO sweet for me.

I did like that Phillip was such an unconventional romance hero. He was a stripper, and a total beta hero. He cared more about animals and wildlife than anything else. He didn’t get all possessive and alpha growly on the heroine, but at the same time he pursued her constantly, not taking no for answer. He let her into his world and kept her close, despite his reservations about getting attached.

Jennifer was the typical virgin heroine. Shy and reserved around men she had never had any kind of sexual encounter before, and blushed at every turn. She was soft and sweet and while I liked her character, I had a hard time relating to her. I wanted her to be a little more adventurous and come out of her shell more once she finally established a relationship with Phillip.

The romance itself was sweet. Again, I thought it was a little too sweet and innocent. Unlike other authors who have been re-releasing their older books in digital format, this has NOT been updated to the times, and I giggled to myself throughout the book, every time tape players were mentioned and the the fashion was described. In that aspects, the book was fun to read for just the memories it inspired.

Fans of the late 80s and early 90s romances will definitely enjoy reading this one (or re-reading as the case may be). Although it wasn’t for me, it was still a very well written romance.

I give Lightning that Lingers a C