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Lord of the Vampires - Gena Showalter Review originally posted here: http://thebookpushers.com/2011/08/15/review-giveaway-lord-of-the-vampires-by-gena-showalter/

Publisher: Harlequin Nocture
Publish Date: August 23rd
How I got this book: NetGalley

Showalter kicks off a new series from Harlequin Nocture that will feature four different authors writing in the same world. The series follows four siblings whose parents were murdered and at the time of their deaths, cast a spell for their children to be cast to a safe place and a need for vengeance.

Nicolai is the oldest of the four, and has been living as a slave to the cruel witch sisters. He uses what little vampire magic he has left to send for someone who can free him, who can help him break out of captivity and get his vengeance. Jane comes to him in the form of the dead Princess and the two work together to break out of the castle alive.

Jane has suffered for far too long. As the sole survivor of her family from a fatal car accident, her life has become nothing but pain and recovery. When she is pulled into Nicolai’s world, she finally starts to really live life. She is drawn to the vampire and quickly falls for his strength and loyalty. With his memories slowly coming back to him, and the curse that was placed against her, saving him might very well mean loosing him.

I’m a big fan of Showalter, so when I heard of this new series, I was beyond excited. However, for some reason this story did not seem to live up to her other books. The world building in this is amazing. I really enjoyed the basis of the story, how it was a fairy tale and nightmare all rolled into one. I can’t wait to see how the other authors write within this world as well. And while the story itself was intriguing, there was just a little something extra that was missing for me.

I enjoyed both Jane and Nicolai’s characters, but their relationship fell a little flat for me. They were constantly having sex and falling on one another, but it felt flat to me. There didn’t seem to really be any reason behind the nookie, and instead of relieving tension between the two, it just seemed as if they were unnecessarily horny. While I’m all up for sexy times, they just seemed to be missing something between them.

While I enjoyed reading about Jane’s strength, at time she seemed too much like a super woman. After having survived a fatal car accident, she was forced to go through a painful recovery. While still dealing with the pains of that, Jane is constantly running and fighting and escaping narrowly. She was also TOO perfect in everything she was able to accomplish. I wanted her to have a few faults, but she didn’t.

Nicolai, an extremely alpha male, also felt like an ahole. His constantly repeating of calling her “mine” and going all possessive tended get almost annoying (if that’s possible) towards the end of the story. He didn’t have a ton of depth as a character for me. He grew a bit when he realized he was in love with Jane, but above and beyond that he stayed stagnant as a character.

All in all I think the opening book for the Royal House of Shadows Series was a great world-building book, but fell short of the romance aspect. I’m still very interested in reading more about the series, and can’t wait to see how the siblings get their revenge.
I give Lord of the Vampires a C-