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Eternal Rider - Larissa Ione Review originally posted here: http://www.fictionvixen.com/2011/04/guest-review-eternal-rider-by-larissa-ione.html

Larissa Ione’s new series Lords of Deliverance highlights the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Ares, also known as War, has just witnessed his brother Reseph’s seal broken and his laid back brother transformed into Pestilence. In order to prevent his seal from breaking and being turned into War, Ares must protect a human woman who has the potential to change his life as he knows it.
Cara was living her life in solitude, scared of the world around her. But when she heals a dog, her life takes a turn she never expected. Hunted by the Aegis and demons alike, the only one who can keep her safe is Ares. But with everyone in the supernatural world gunning for them, and Ares’ seal draining her life, will they be able to find a solution in time to save them both?

I absolutely love Ione’s work, so I was super excited to see where she was going to take this new series featuring the horseman. I admit that the first half of the book or so was very slow, very info heavy, and didn’t really pull me into the story. I didn’t really find myself relating to the characters or plot until things started picking up and moving along.

It took me awhile to related with Cara and Ares. They didn’t immediately reach out and grab me like Ione’s characters normally do. Instead, it took awhile for me to actually like these two. In the beginning Cara is quiet, reserved, passive and tormented from something in her past that is kept hidden and somewhat confusing to get through. I usually like my female leads to have a little more of a backbone, and while Cara did develop hers more as the book went along, I had a hard time enjoying her until then. With Ares, he was a little bit of an a-hole in the beginning of the story. It wasn’t until he started revealing his true worries and fears about becoming War that I began liking him.

For me, the secondary characters really stole the spotlight in this book. Ares brother and sister Thanatos and Limos really engaged me early on. I love that Limos is so laid back and a total girly girl. I loved that Thanatos was so serious and intense all the time. He was just the kind of alpha hero that pulls me into a story.

Reseph, or Pestilence, is a fabulous creepy villain. He was always there, doing the dirty work and being all around terrifying. I really hope that Ione will find some way to redeem him in future books, and that he wont be lost as Pestilence forever. The small glimpses and snippets we got from what he was like before his seal broke has me liking his character, despite all his current offenses.

I really enjoy the premise of where the series seems to be going, and what Ione has in store for us in upcoming books. There was a teaser for Limos book, out in December that has me super excited to continue on with the series. Also getting to have a glimpse into some of the Demonica folks is always a nice treat for me. I love being able to get little glimpses into some of my favorite characters from previous books.

All in all, I did end up enjoying Eternal Rider. I have to say, I was expecting a little more from Ione, and because of that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I had hoped.

I give Eternal Rider 3 and a half hearts.

Favorite Quote:

“You were right Cara. I’m a demon. All I’ve known my entire life is fighting. Battle, sex, it’s all the same to me. I fuck like I fight, until the other person i begging for mercy. Trust me, you don’t want to be a part of it.”