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Management Skills - January Rowe
Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: 3/7/11
How I got this book: NetGalley

Management Skills is a short and quick novella that really didn’t do anything for me. Grant is CEO of his own company, and when he works on the lighting for a fetish club, he sees a woman who has more pull on him than he can remember. When he doesn’t get the chance to meet her, he thinks his chance is gone forever. Later, when meeting with his newest employee, he realizes that Allie is the woman he fantasized about.

Grant wants nothing more than to have Allie in every way possible. But she is weary of Grant and all that he wants from her. Although their bodies connect of a level she never thought possible, Allie isn’t looking to become involved as deeply as Grant wants. But as her body wins over more than her mind, will she allow herself to let go and let him take charge?

I’ve been known to read (and very much so enjoy) my far share of smutty books. But Rowe’s Management Skills really didn’t click for me. Allie and Grant share a night of passion early on in the story, but they soon dance away from each other, not really ready and willing to move forward. I thought that their relationship was forced, and awkward. I never really bought into the chemistry or the passion between the two.

Although this book is supposed to be about a D/s relationship, it took awhile to develop. After their first vanilla night together, Allie avoided Grant like the plague. When they did finally come together like that, it felt off and odd to me. It didn’t seem like there was any real fire or heat between the two.

All in all, I give Management Skills 1.5 out of 5 former strippers.