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Hidden Away - Maya Banks Publisher: Berkley
Publish Date: 3/1/11
How I got this book: Purchased

Maya Banks is back with the third installment of the KGI Series, one of my favorite romantic suspense series of all time. Garrett, the somewhat quiet and surly Kelly brother is still recovering from his gun shot wound, but when the opportunity comes up to take out the man who ambushed and killed many of his men so long ago, he jumps at the chance, regardless of the mission. But it’s simple, all Garrett has to do is keep an eye on Larrimer’s sister Sarah.

After witnessing her brother commit murder, Sarah runs as fast as she can, trying to hide herself from the world. She ends up on a small island, and when her handsome neighbor starts making small talk, she learns to trust in another human once again. When someone finds her, Sarah runs again. Garrett tracks her down again, and forces her to accept his help, regardless of the little white lie between them.

When I first started reading the KGI series, I was instantly hooked by the Kelly brothers. They are all these total alpha heroes, with bad boy streaks a mile wide. I feel in love. The stories are all really fast paced, full of action and romance, and portray the Kelly family in such a great light (faults and all) that I find myself wishing I could be taken in as one of them as well.

Garrett has always been one of my favorites, and I found myself falling more and more in love with him throughout his story. I liked him as the strong and silent type, but seeing him come out of his shell and tease and flirt with Sarah was great. I enjoyed getting more in depth with him, and wish that we could have actually had a little bit more information about his history. There were times I did and didn’t like Sarah. In this series, it seems as if Banks always makes her female leads have some kind of traumatic past. I was disheartened with Sarah’s past trauma, but also glad with the way that Banks gave the character this incredible inner strength to be able to come out of her shell and really deal with it, regardless of her fears. There were times when Sarah seemed so strong, like she was really moving on, and then she would seem to take steps backward in her progress. It was realistically frustrating to read.

Again, the Kelly family just shines through with all their awesomeness. One of my favorite characters, Rusty goes through a really hard experience (read – traumatic event) and the way that Sean and the Kelly brothers stood up to protect her almost brought tears to my eyes. I just love the way families come together, and Banks has a way of showing us time and time again just how tightly knit this family is to one another. I LOVE that.

The plot in this book started out somewhat slow and lazy with Garrett heading to the island and getting the chance to get to know Sarah. About half way through it really picked up and began moving quickly and Banks started packing in the action left and right. We get a chance to see the other KGI employees come through for Garrett, and really take over parts of the story. I liked getting an insider look at Rio, and hope that his story will be coming up quickly. I did however think the conflict between Garrett and Sarah’s brother Marcus ended somewhat abruptly and in a way I wasn’t completely satisfied with, but that’s just me.

All in all, I give Hidden Away 4.5 out of 5 island getaways!