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When a Pack Dies - Gwen Campbell I had such hopes for this one. It got great reviews from the people over at All Romance eBooks, and the plot looked great.

Have to say, it really fell short for me. I enjoyed Fina's character in the beginning, she was so strong to go through that horror, take on a child that wasn't hers, and run for their lives. But then she turned into a self conscious mess and I found myself wanting that strong heroine back.

Other than the cover, the book gave no indication it was a menage relationship, and I felt like the relationships were forced and odd. I liked Fina with Cutler, but felt really awkward when Nath got added into the mix.

Plus, if I had to hear Campbell refer to a female werewolf as a bitch one more time, I was tempted to stop midway through. I understand that is a female dog, really I get it. But talk about over kill. It just started to feel demeaning and ridiculous after awhile. Was it a term of endearment? a put down? a general reference to another woman? Yes, to all of the above, it was ridiculous.

I really wanted to like this one, really I did. I just couldn't.
1.5 stars