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A Lot like Love - Julie James This review was originally posted at: http://www.smexybooks.com/2011/02/guest-review-lot-like-love-by-julie.html

Julie James is back with another fabulous novel about the FBI field office in Chicago. A Lot Like Love features FBI agent Nick McCall, the leading undercover agent in his office, and the sexy heiress Jordan Rhodes. Nick gets called in to assist with a junior agent’s undercover assignment. But in order to get what they need, they enlist civilian Jordan Rhodes by dangling the release of her brother from prison over her head.

When things get dicey, the one night undercover operation turns into a week long ordeal, and Nick and Jordan must continue their “relationship” in order for the FBI to obtain their evidence. But when jealous ex’s and creepy private investigators get involved, things take an unexpected turn that no one saw coming!

I absolutely love James’s books, and A Lot Like Love might be my favorite so far. Nick is such a classic guys guy at the beginning of the book, and as a long time undercover operative, a little hardened with normal life. He is used to stringing women along, only being available when not working undercover. He isn’t used to having friends, and his family usually gets put onto the back burner for the job. But once he is placed in the role of loving and doting boyfriend, he really takes to Jordan. His jokes about wine and Jordan’s heiress lifestyle are hilarious and keep the story moving quickly.

I’ve always loved James’s heroines. They are strong independent women with great values and self confidence. Jordan is no exception! Although she is an heiress, she is also a dedicated business woman who wants to make her own way and devoted sister and daughter. I enjoyed the way that she helped Nick grow into his own, and stood up for what was right and wrong.

Their relationship was great as well, filled with sexual tension and innuendo that sparked up the pages. Their conversations about wine always carried playful undertones, and even though I’m a total beer girl, it was fun and flirty and sexy all the same. The dialogue was absolutely fabulous. James is always witty and sarcastic and fun to read, it’s one thing about her writing that always stands out to me.

We also get to see some more of Cameron and Jack, the hero and heroine from Something About You. And this investigation continues on a little with what Cameron and Jack unraveled in the last book. While I was a little disappointed that we deviated from the norm of having a female lawyer lead, I liked the theme of staying with the FBI office and agents we met briefly in the last book.

I think that one of James strengths is her ability to really bring to life her secondary characters. Jordan’s genius twin brother Kyle was an absolute doll and so fun to read. I cracked up every time he made an appearance, and his back story of being the “Twitter Terrorist!” Absolutely hysterical. Junior Agent Huxley also stood out for me, as I tend to have a love for all things nerds, and he was the quintessential pocket protector type. I can only hope that James continues to stick with characters we know, and we can see more of these guys in the future. (There was a small note that the next book should be featuring Jordan’s brother Kyle!)

Rating: A