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Animal Magnetism - Jill Shalvis Publisher: Berkley
Publish Date: February 1st
How I got this book: Purchased

This was only my second read by Shalvis, but I have to say, I really enjoy her writing! After only two reads, she has become one of my favorite contemporary romance authors. Animal Magnetism follows the crazy and hectic life of Lilah, the animal loving kennel owner in the small town of Sunshine. She lives her life catering to dogs, cats, ducks, and all the other animals in her area, giving literally everything she has to give them a chance at life.

When she literally runs into Brady Miller at the convenient store, she share a passionate kiss with the stranger, and comes to find out he is the missing friend of her buddies Dell and Adam. While Brady only wants to stay in town long enough to placate Dell and Adam, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to everything about Lilah.

I adored this cute and sweet romance. Lilah is the typical animal lover, giving absolutely everything she has to the animals. She is beyond dedicated to them, almost to the point where she cares more for them than she does herself. That tends to run through to her human relationships as well, always being the one to give, give, give and never take anything in return. Her giving nature is sweet and enduring to me, reminding me of the little puppy that always comes back for more. Having known people like Lilah in real life, her character really rang true to me, and I enjoyed that about her.

Brady was somewhat of an enigma to me. He kept thinking and saying that he was an independent guy, never wanting to settle down, be tied to one place. But at the same time, he kept acting as if the only place he wanted to be was with Lilah, regardless of everything else. Although Brady was a very masculine alpha hero, he was also a total softie when it came to Lilah. I loved every time he picked her up and put her to bed when she fell asleep at her desk, when he let her cry on his shoulder as she placed her animals.

Shalvis has a great sense of humor in her writing style, and I love that the heroes in her books always find a dramatic way to redeem themselves. Brady’s grand gesture annoyed me a little, only because it seemed to take him way longer than necessary to realize she was it for him. But none the less, he came back stronger.

I hope that Shalvis continues in this world, telling the stories of Adam and Dell. They were great and funny secondary characters, and I could really tell that something was brewing between Dell and the receptionist at his vet clinic. I hope we get more of their story in books to come.

All in all, I give Animal Magnetism 4.5 out of 5 rescue animals!