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Turn It Up (Turner Twins, #2) - Vivian Arend Published: February 8th, 2011
Publisher: Samhain
How I got this book: Purchased

I’m not usually a big fan of baby stories, but I’ve come to learn that with Arend, what you see is not always what you get. We first met Max and Natasha in Turn It On, the first book in the Turner Twin Series. Although this one is a prequel, it was great to see Max and Natasha in a different light.

Natasha is starting to feel her biological clock ticking, and when she has one last night on the town, her drunken self accidently reveals her plan to Max. Since Max has always wanted to be with Natasha, he puts together a very impressive business plan to try and convince her to marry him and start that family with him. After much debating Natasha finally decides to give it a chance, and agrees to his proposal.

Although love wasn’t part of his original plan, Max does everything he can think of to woo Natasha, getting her to fall in love with him. But with the stress of his over bearing family, Natasha’s angry best friend, and hormones, will she be able to admit she feel in love?

I really enjoyed this one, despite a few things that really grated on me. I loved that Natasha was a cougar, although it was the one thing she really didn’t want to be. Her struggle with admitting her feelings for Max, and dealing with him being younger than her was a constant throughout. And while I normally agree that men mature at a much slower rate than woman, it was also painfully obvious to me that Max was not the “typical” guy. He was responsible and wanted nothing more than to be with Natasha day in and day out. Her inability to recognize that, or at least acknowledge that had me doubting her own intelligence.

I enjoyed getting an even better insight into the Turner family, and in this we get to see a lot more of the family dynamic. Every time Max’s family came into play, I remembered thinking… this is my family in a nut shell. LOL.

The big thing that really rankled on me was Max’s cousin and Natasha’s best friend Lila. The two girls are thick as thieves at the beginning of the story, and when Natasha tells Lila about her upcoming nuptials to Max, Lila freaks out. She berates Natasha, refuses to take her calls, won’t speak to her at family events and acts like an overall baby. Now, I speculate that there is something in Lila’s past that brought this about, but the fact that she doesn’t redeem herself and is a total bitch throughout the story really drives me nuts. She was given every chance to come clean with both Max and Natasha, but refused to be an adult and talk about it, instead acted like a two year old throwing a tantrum. I can only hope Arend will continue the series and give Lila a chance to redeem herself. (Yes, I’m talking to you Viv. Let Lila redeem herself… PLEASE?)

I thought the way that Max relentlessly pursued Natasha was great, the dates he set up for them, the way he helped her achieve her dream house, the way he took care of her once she got knocked up… Max really is a great hero, super in tune with his heroines needs. Loved that about them. This was a great addition to the Turner Twins Series, and like I said, I hope (pray) that Arend continues on with this series.

All in all, I give Turn It Up 4 out of 5 pregnant cougars. RAWR!