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Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning Reivew posted at : http://thebookpushers.com/2011/02/08/review-and-giveaway-shadowfever-by-karen-marie-moning/

Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publish Date: Out Now!
How I got this book: Purchased

When I got invited to participate in the Shadowfever Book Tour, I squeezed, jumped up from my chair, and then calmed down quickly once I got weird looks from my co-workers. The Fever Series is one of my all time favorite series of all times, and getting the final chapter was something I’ve been anticipating for over a year now.

I took a whole day off work on the 18th just so I could sit home and read uninterrupted, and I have to say, I needed the rest of the day to sit and process all the awesomesauce that was Shadowfever. Let me start off by saying that Moning answered MOST of the questions that lingered out there. The one that she left unanswered that somewhat bothered me was WHAT exactly Barrons is. Moning went into detail about what he can and can’t DO, but not necessarily what he is. That was somewhat disappointing, but I can only hope that in the next series, Moning will focus on the others like Barrons, and may go more into detail at that time.

I was so glad that all of my other questions were answered. One of the things I adore about the Fever series is that Moning always finds ways to keep us guessing. I can’t count the number of times while I was reading through I would think to myelf… “OH! I totally know what Mac is!” Only to find out ten pages later that I was unbelievably off! I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed with the explanation surrounding Mac and how she got her powers, etc. But was amazed at how well that story line integrated into the book as a whole.

I was also shocked with the “beast” that Barrons kept in the basement. It took me awhile to process that one, and even to this date, I still am not too sure how I feel about that one. I was glad that it was resolved, and in a way that seemed to make all parties happy. But at the same time, the resolution seemed like it was so simple, seemed like maybe it should have been thought of already. With the complexity of the series and world building as a whole, it felt like an easy fix. That might be one of my only pieces of contention in the whole book.

The other big point that blew me away was at the end, when the story and history around V’lane. I assume that most people who really follow the series have read it by now, but not wanting to ruin anything… OH! MY! GAWD! Absolutely took my by surprise on that one! I was not expecting the twists and turns that took, and was shocked and a little okay with the way it ended up.

We find out the truth about who killed Alina. The story lines with Darroc and Rowena are resolved. Christian goes through a big transformation, and although we were left somewhat hanging about what exactly happened to him and how he is changing; again I can only hope that Moning goes more into his story in the future. Dani and Barron’s eight men are left with some unanswered questions as well. And the Unseelie King! My mouth was left hanging open with his scenes. Again, *fingers crossed* that they will be the focus of the next series!

I was very happy with the way the story ended. Yes, Mac and Barrons do get their own little version of happily ever after. I felt as if Moning stayed true to both Mac and Barrons to the very end. Neither character dropped their insecurities or hardheaded ways just for the sake of the story. I was very happy with the way it all came together.

I have to say, all in all I was very very happy with the conclusion of the Fever Series. I liked the way that almost everything was wrapped up, but that we were left with some questions. The speculation and excitement for another series based in the Fever world leaves me all giddy like a school girl. I thought it was a wonderful ending to a wonderful series!

I give Shadowfever an A+!