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Deadly Fear - Cynthia Eden Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publish Date: Out Now!
How I got this book: Pima County Public Library

This past year I've become more and more excited about romantic suspense books. I've read some of Eden's paranormal work, and really liked her writing style, so when I was browsing my library website and found her new suspense series, I reserved it right away. I was not disappointed.

Monica Davenport is an FBI agent with a knack for getting into a serial killer's mind, with a very dark secret. She serves on the FBI's newest elite team of agents who investigate serial killers, and has a steamy history with the newest member of their team, Luke Dante.

Luke's fantasy woman is none other than Monica, and after their one scorching night together long ago, he can't get her out of his mind. When they are assigned to a team together to chase down a killer who uses someone's fears as a way to kill them, their passion ignites, and the stakes get raised. But will they be able to catch a killer, who might just know each of their fears?

Again, Eden absolutely blew me away with the first installment of the Deadly Series. I haven't read a ton of suspense books, and the few I have read have mostly been about military men. So this was new to me, and I was absolutely amazed. Eden creates some amazing characters, including a hero and heroine who each have their flaws and strengths, and a villain that gave me the creeps.

The relationship between Monica and Luke was complicated, hot and filled with secrets. As we found out more and more about Monica and Luke's history both as individuals and as a couple. The way that each of them had overcome the many obstacles in their lives and come out on top. I loved the background stories about each of their fears, and how the killer turned out to be connected with both her past and her present.

I also really enjoyed the side characters within the FBI team. I know that this will be a great series, and I'm really excited for Deadly Heat and Deadly Lies, out February and March respectively. I'm really excited to read about Agent Samantha, who was a victim of a traumatic event, and how she deals with the fall out. I can only imagine how powerful that one is going to be!

For those of you who are faint of heart. Please think carefully before picking p this book. Eden does an amazing job of describing the setting and events of this book. There were a few scenes that were so incredibly powerful they gave me chills, goosebumps and a twinge of fear all out once. While this is a compliment to Eden's writing styles, for those of you with queasy stomach’s, you might be a little shaken at some parts.

But, that being said, this book was absolutely fabulous. I was so impressed with the intricacies of the plot, the back stories and the overall flow of the book. Deadly Fear is probably one of my favorite Romantic Suspense books of all time!

All in all, I give Deadly Fear 5 out of 5 super creepy serial killers!!