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Release Date: November 20, 2010
Publisher: Avon
How I got this book: Local Pima County Library

I’ve been a long time fan of the Argeneau Series by Lynsay Sands. Her writing is so wonderful: going from sweet romance, to smoking hot passion, to hysterical laughs all within the course of a few pages. The newest installment of the Argeneau Series is no exception.

Alex Willan’s two sisters have both become life mates to immortal men, and have been trying to pair her up with every single immortal they can come up with. After starting to get a complex that maybe she wont find anyone and the stress of opening her newest restaurant, Alex begins to refuse to meet anymore of their dates. When Cale shows up under the direction of Marguerite (the family matchmaker) and Alex refuses to make time for him, her sister tries to pass him off as a top rated chef, willing to help with her new restaurant.

The only problem with that is that Cale can’t cook, doesn’t even like food. But he soon discovers that Alex could be a potential life mate, and hilarity ensues. When he manages to convince Alex to let him take over the business end while she runs things in the kitchen, he realizes that the few problems she has been having with her restaurant might not be coincidences. With Cale’s business expertise and Alex’s amazing cooking, they two might just be able to pull the opening off, and find out who is trying to sabotage her.

Again, I absolutely adore Sands’ work and am always looking forward to the next book surrounding these immortals. With the other Willan’s sisters married off, I was just waiting for Alex to finally get her forever kinda guy. I thought Alex’s character was so fun. She was completely focused on her career, somewhat down in the dumps about all the guys her sisters have thrown at her who turned her down. Then walks in Cale and POW, everything changes for her. I thought the way she handled everything was perfectly in character with everything we’ve learned about her. I’ve loved all the Wilan sisters, and enjoyed Sam’s constant nagging of Alex to meet all her friends. The two of them had some great snarky and funny dialogue, I definitely think that is one of the things that Sands’ does best.

Most of the Argeneau heroes have been favorites of mine. I love when my alpha hero men fall hard and deeply in love. Cale is no exception. He comes out with the expectation of being let down, but a little excited at the same time, having lived long enough on his own. When he realizes that Alex could be his one, he jumps at the chance to learn everything he can about her, her loves in life, and what he can do to make her happy. When he tries to take over the cooking for her, even though he hates the smell of food alone, I just adore that.

One of my favorite aspects of Sands writing is the spin she puts on her relationships Each couple has the potential to be in a perfectly fated relationship, if they want it. It’s not that they are thrown together and HAVE to be with each other, they have the choice as to whether or not they think they could love each other for eternity. I also love that in most cases, the males are the immortals, and are somewhat oblivious to women. It makes for some fabulous comedy!

The mystery surrounding who is trying to sabotage Alex’s restaurant is well done as well. I like that Sands really kept the reader in the dark about who it could potentially be till the very end. It kept the suspense exciting for me.

All in all, I give Hungry for You 4 out of 5 Immortal faux-chefs.