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Sweet as Sin - Inez Kelley Review can be found at my blog here:

Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: 1/31/11
How I got this book: NetGalley

John Murphy has just moved into a new home and come to find out his next door neighbor is a sexy little number that he would love nothing more than to seduce for a few nights. But Livvy isn't looking for some short term fling, she wants the white picket fence and a happily ever after. But the attraction between them won't stop burning her up, and she gives into his passion and short time terms.

But as the two spend their summer together, learning about themselves and each other, the realize that there is so much more between them between heat and a fling. But John is scared to reveal his true self, and as Livvy begins learning all of his secretes, he becomes more and more worried about where exactly their relationship will lead.

I was so amazed by this book. I've come to expect some smokin' hot erotica from Kelley, and while the fire between them burns extra hot, Kelley also provides so much more: romance, tears, depth and so much more. This is Kelley's longest and most developed book to date, and if she continues on this path, will quickly cement herself as one of my favorites in the contemporary romance genre.

There were times that John drove me a little crazy. The things he had to endure as a child were heartbreaking, and his journey to adulthood and maturity was captured beautifully. I loved that there was so much he had to do to grow up, to become an adult, but at the same time, he seemed to almost refuse to face anything that could help him move forward with his life, which at times he seemed desperate to do with Livvy.

John was scared to open up, lying to himself about his feelings and acted like a little bit of a jerk to Livvy at times. While I knew that she was it for him, there were times that I worried he pushed too hard and too far for Livvy to be able to forgive. She was a strong written character, filled with her own insecurities, difficulties in life but desire to have exactly what she wants in life. I was so happy with the way Kelley ended the story, staying true to both John and Livvy throughout.

The emotional turmoil that John relives throughout the story frequently had tears steaming down my face. Anyone who is overly sensitive to extremely emotional subplots might want to have an extra box of tissues or two out and ready. The one thing that I found really broke up the heavy emotions were the snippets from John's young adult novel. It was sweet to see the parallel of his history and his present, and how he used his writing to express emotions that he otherwise would be unable to do.

To the Kelley fans out there, beware that this is not her typical story. The plot is extremely in-depth, the emotions and romance between John and Livvy as the focal and the smexing not as frequent. While it is still blazing across the pages, there is more focus on the telling of their love, their emotions and not so much the communication between their bodies.

All in all, I give Sweet as Sin 4.5 out of 5 neighbors to lovers!