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No Angel - Vivi Andrews Review can be found at my blog here: http://lifeaccording2nicole.blogspot.com/2010/12/no-angel-by-vivi-andrews.html

Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: 12/6/10
How I got this book: Net Galley

Sasha has been arguing with her boyfriend for weeks now about coming to her family's home for Christmas to meet her parents. When he hums and haws about it, delaying any sort of actual commitment, Sasha knows that things probably won’t last between them. Little does she know, Jay is keeping a big secret from her. He is part demon, and has been summoned back to hell to visit his mother and new step-dad, Lucifer himself.

When Jay gets sucked into a portal straight to hell, Sasha thinks that is most definitely the end of things between them. A visit from an angel changes everything though, and armed with two angel guns, she sets off for hell, determined to being the human Jay back to earth.

She journeys through hell, finding Jay and doing everything in his power to bring him back to her, regardless of his lies and parentage. But come Christmas morning, will Jay have enough good in him to be redeemed, and can Sasha’s love possibly save him?

Andrews creates an amazing hell dimension with this one, and had me actually liking Lucifer, laughing at Jay’s mom, and rooting for the half-demon! The journey that Sasha and Jay went on together in hell is hilarious, light hearted and just plain fun. I loved the different demons they ran into, the situations they found themselves in and the hilarity that ensued.

In the beginning I was worried that I wouldn’t like Sasha’s character, she did a lot of moaning and crying, but as they story progressed, she started kicking butt and taking names, and I found myself liking her more and more. Jay was fabulous, and I found myself liking him from the get-go. Half-demon or not, I found myself rooting for him, hoping he would be good enough to be redeemed.

There was one thing that continually confused me throughout the story however, and it caused me to sit back and scratch my head for a bit, wondering if I just misread something, or read too much into something. Sasha refers to her mother as the angel of Hollywood, and in her world, angels are known figures. Throughout the beginning of the story, I just assumed that her mother was an angel, imagine my surprise when I found out she wasn’t. *Scratches Head* Hum, yup, still a little confused about that one!

But, other than that little mind boggle, I really enjoyed this story. The action was packed, the characters were fun, the comedy was spot on and the plot well done. For everyone out there on the angel lovin’ bandwagon, this is a great little read!

This story can be found as a standalone novella, or can be purchased as part of the Carina Press Winter Wishes anthology with the other paranormal greats Vivian Arend and Moira Rogers.

All in all, I give No Angels 3 out of 5 trips to hell!