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Wedding of the Season - Laura Lee Guhrke Publisher: Avon
Publish Date: 12/28/10
How I got this book: NetGalley

I must say I was expecting this to be another fabulous Regency Romance, but was surprised to find that we were actually in the 20th century, as the opening scene has Beatrix driving a car, almost plowing over our reluctant hero. Although I had to shift my expectations, I found myself liking the book as we went on.

Beatrix has been in love with William her whole life, and just before their wedding, he decides that he needs to live his life the way he has always wanted: off exploring the tombs of Egypt. After Beatrix turns down his offer to go with, he leaves her behind. Fast forwarded and we are at a point where Beatrix has somewhat moved on, and has plans to remarry.

William is now back, hoping to find financial assistance for his expeditions. When he finagles an invite to an old friends home for a few weeks, he finds himself stuck with Beatrix, her new fiancé, and her two cousins. As Beatrix and William find themselves together throughout the weeks, will they be able to deny the passion that exists between them, or will they have a second chance at the altar?

Once I got over the fact that I was in a different era than expected, I really started to enjoy Beatrix. She was a total free spirit: not caring that she wore pants like a man, drove a car, smoked cigarettes, and got a little wild. I liked that about her. Although she did care what people thought of her at times, she was almost always true to herself, doing as she pleased when she pleased. She is the kind of strong heroine that I enjoy reading about.

William on the other hand drove me absolutely batty. For those of you who know my reading loves, I tend to enjoy my fictional heroes to be a little on the caveman side. William just doesn’t live up to that. He is somewhat nerdy, his first love being his archeological digs. He is also somewhat self absorbed, not thinking about what it was like for Beatrix when he left her standing at the altar. While he does somewhat redeem himself towards the end with what I thought to be his only selfless act in quite possibly his whole life, I just couldn’t really connect to his character at all.

With that in mind, I also had a hard time believing why Beatrix would fall in love with a man like William. At times the two seemed like polar opposites, and their romance while very sweet and endearing, didn’t always seem real to me. I loved the little challenges and dates that William planned for the two of them, but again it seemed as if he was doing them to prove his point, not win her love.

The real highlight of this book for me was Beatrix’s cousin Julia, another free spirit, anything goes kind of woman who provided many laughs for me though out. I am excited to see where her story takes us, especially since it seems as if she will end up with Beatrix’s jilted fiancé, Aiden.

All in all, I give Wedding of the Season 3 out of 5 new motor cars.