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Taken by Desire - Lavinia Kent Publisher: Avon
Publish Date: 12/1/10
How I got this book: NetGalley

I’ve read Kent’s work before, and have always been happy with the stories; Taken by Desire is no exception! While the cover leaves much to be desired, Kent creates a wonderful book with two incredibly headstrong characters, a sweet and wonderful courtship, and a side plot that was well woven in.

Anna and Struthers are married very early in the story, against both their better judgments. I thought it was great that although the two married, they didn’t really behave like typical married couples do. Anna still stayed at her home, in her bed, managed her large fortune, and went wherever she pleased. Likewise, Struthers stayed in his home, took care of his fortune, and did whatever he pleased. It was comical to see how separate their lives really were.

I really felt bad for Anna though, because she really was independent for her time, and the thought of marriage really did scare her to death. She was so worried about her money and whether or not Sturthers would allow her the kind of indulgences that she was accustomed to. It’s hard enough for Anna to trust anyone, but when it comes to her money, she is even more hesitant.

I really enjoyed the side plot where Anna’s cousins from the US come to London in hopes of stealing her fortune. The way that she and Struthers are somewhat forced to trust in each other to get through the ordeal together is great, plus the way that Anna ends up solving the problem completely put a smile on my face.

I also really enjoyed the way Anna and Struthers found a way to come together. I loved that Anna tried to show him all the ways that women of that time period had it so difficult, especially when she took him to the “insane asylum”. It was great to see that Struthers really made an effort to understand exactly what she was scared of, and the different constraints Anna had against her because of being female. While the sexual tension and passion always was there between the two, it was fun to watch their minds and hearts follow.

Although this isn’t my favorite Kent book, I liked the way she tackled some of the harsh realities for women of the time frame. I thought she did an excellent job portraying what it must have been like for a woman in Anna’s situation. To me, that really stood out as a focal point in the book, even more so than the romance.

All in all, I give Taken by Desire 4 out of 5 wealthy regency heroines!