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Tangled Tinsel - Vivian Arend Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: 12/6/10
How I got this book: NetGalley

Holy cow does Vivian Arend know how to write some smokin’ hot shifters. Her Granite Lake Wolves Series is a fav, and now she is coming out with one about cats. MEOW! *This story can also be found in the Winter Wishes anthology by Carina Press.*

Kyle is a part of the super secret Cougar Corp, investigating cat shifters who get a little wild and reveal their dangerous sides to the human race. But with one look at El has him panting and trailing after her. Although he is working, he decides to take some time off to see if El wants to come out and play.

Eloise is an undercover cop on the human police force, and has been tasked with keep Kyle underground while awaiting some big trail he is needed at. She uses her cat powers of seduction and captures him, literally chaining him to her bed. But, as that is the last place she wants to keep him, he agrees to attend her family Christmas celebration instead.

Between the hilarious family antics, jealous ex-boyfriend, fake engagement and potentially guilty uncle, Kyle and El realize that love really can come when you least expect it.

These cat shifters are ME-OW! Kyle and El smoke up the pages with their always roaring attraction. I loved the way El was able to capture Kyle in the beginning, and then the way Kyle was able to capture her heart at the end. The chemistry was off the charts, and although El tried so hard to resist, it was only a matter of time before she fell for his never ending charms.

I loved the crazy family of El’s and their holiday traditions. Watching Kyle, the somewhat reclusive loner, have to go through many different family bonding was hilarious. Although we don’t get exact answers to the case Kyle is investigating, I enjoyed watching him and El try to find out all the details possible.

This new world that Arend created was super interesting, and I hope that she continues to write within it. There were a few questions left open, and I can only pray that they gte wrapped up in a future book. I love the concept of shifters living out in the open amongst the humans. Plus, having Kyle working for a group that keeps the more nefarious ways of shifters hidden, it’s priceless. When asked, Arend said she didn’t know if she would make this a series, but I’ve got my fingers cross. (PLEASE VIV???? PLEASE!!)

All in all, I give Tangled Tinsel 4.5 out of 5 undercover cat cops!