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Poisoned Kisses - Stephanie Draven Publisher: Harlequin Nocture
Publish Date: 10/1/10
How I got this book: Requested from Publisher

Draven creates a unique new story in which the ancient Greek gods and goddesses literally come alive on the page, and rock the story from start to finish. Kyra is the nymph daughter of Ares the war god, and doing everything in her power to NOT be like good old dad. She is on a mission to find the hydra Marco and destroy him, as fate says she is supposed to do. But when her plan to use her prowess of seduction backfires, she finds herself falling for Marco at every turn.

Marco is the arms dealer to the underdog, and while he has no problem providing guns to kids, he does have a problem with his abilities as a hydra. Knowing the danger his blood has to those around him, Marco is constantly on guard with everyone, and although Kyra keeps popping up, he keeps being drawn to her while trying to push her away at the same time. When Marco gets pulled closer to a war gods clutches, he and Kyra set off to try and bring peace to not only the Congo, but a small piece of each of their souls.

I really enjoyed this book! Draven starts off with a bang and never stops the whole way through. The different spin on the paranormal, having nymphs, hydras, and gods come to life was fresh, exciting, and a blast to read. The spin on the hydra myth, with Marco being able to change his “faces” was neat, and Kyra as a nymph being able to have sexual prowess, but also having the ability to fall deeply and tragically in love.

I thought both Kyra and Marco were great characters. While Kyra was somewhat sheltered and naive, she was also passionate, caring, and had a pure heart. The whole right versus wrong, good versus evil theme throughout, and Kyra’s dedication to stay on the “right” side of the line was a consistent and prevalent point in the story, and because of that, I really respected her character. While Marco had no problems toeing the line, while jumping across to one side then the other, I was amazed at the depth that Draven gave his character. With his history and past, he makes a phenomenal tortured alpha male hero.

The romance between Kyra and Marco was almost fairytale like. The obstacles in the way of forming their relationship were huge, but the desire to be together was just as big. I loved the feeling of the two of them needing to “slay the dragon” together in order to move forward. It was fun, flirty, and romantic all at the same time!

I was impressed with the way that Draven brought some world issues to the forefront, without being too preachy or political. With the history of Rwanda, and constant ongoing problems in Africa, I liked the spin she put on both sides of the issue. It was very, very well done.

While I personally wish the story would have been a little longer; it didn’t feel rushed, like it ended abruptly, or was leaving out any pertinent information to the story line. I can only hope that Draven continues to write stories set in this world in the future. Maybe featuring some of the other gods and their kids? Draven is an author that I will definitely have to add to my list of great paranormal authors!

All in all, I give Poisoned Kisses 4.5 out of 5 nymphs and hydras!