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Moon Sworn (Riley Jenson Guardian, #9) - Keri Arthur Publisher: Piatikus Books
Publish Date: 5/25/10
How I got this book: Checked out from library

Keri Arthur wraps up the Riley Jenson series with the 9th and final book with an absolute bang. I let this book sit on my night stand for almost a month because I every time I went to pick it up, I realized this would be the last Riley story, and just couldn't bring myself to see the end. But let me just say, Arthur did a fabulous job ending this series.

We last left Riley right after she pulled the trigger on her wolf soul mate, and watched as a part of her died on the inside. Between Quinn and her brother, she was able to pull through and continue on with her life. She immediately gets assigned to a new case, investigating murders that are being done by someone dressed as a demon, hoofed feet and all. But when she realizes that she is being followed, she is haunted by the thought of the alpha of the Jenson pack Black, coming back to get his revenge on Riley.

When Riley wakes up in the middle of nowhere, with absolutely no memories of who she is, she struggles with little bits and pieces that don't feel right, and wondering what is real and what isn't. When a similar case comes up with a hoofed killer, Riley's memory slowly begins to unravel, and pieces fall back into place.

When her memories return, she and Rhoan are forced to finally face their past, and do everything they can to move on with the pack they have created.

I love the way this series was wrapped up. I didn't always love and agree with the characters, but always wanted them each to find their own ever after, and Arthur definitely gives us that. I was happy to see that Riley was able to see all her dreams come true, even if they were not in the original way that she thought. I enjoyed the growth that Quinn has gone through in the past few books, and was happy to see him put more and more on the line to keep Riley at his side.

While I wish there would have been more page time for Rhoan and Liander. I really wish that Rhoan would have made more of a commitment to Liander, but can understand why he didn't at the same time. I can only hope and pray that they will be included along with Riley and Quinn in Arthur's spin off series featuring Risa, Dia's daughter.

For those of you who have not read this series yet, I think it's a series definitely worth picking up. While the first few books are difficult for some to get through due to the frequency of Riley's sexual exploits, the plot thickens and develops and really takes over in about book four. While I am always sad to say good-bye to a series, I can also appreciate when they do. Some series never end, and the books begin to suffer because of it. Arthur has done a great job wrapping up all the loose ends, and gracefully ending the series.

All in all, I give Moon Sworn 4 out of 5 stars.