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Song of Scarabaeus - Sara Creasy Publisher: EOS Books (Harper Collins)
Publish Date: 4/10/10
How I got this book: Local Library

This Sci Fi book first came to my attention through the Supernatural Underground Blog, and with my 2010 Sci Fi Romance challenge needing a few more reads, I immediately went to my local library to see if I could get my hands on it. (It was a Library Recommended Read for two months running, and the waiting list was INSANE!)

Song of Scarabaeus follows the story of Edie, a biocyph tech that is leagues above the others in her field. When she is kidnapped and somewhat forced to work for a team of mercenaries on terraformation, she sets off on an unexpected adventure.

She ends up leashed to a bodyguard, the reclusive and secretive Finn, through their minds. If he gets too far away from her, he dies. If she dies, he dies. Edie and Finn soon realize they have an ally in each other, and do everything they can to escape the mercenaries hold on them. When they are sent to the planet Scarabaeus, Edie’s first adventure in terraform, the two must do everything they can think of just to stay alive.

Like I said, I was super excited for this book, and for the most part, I really enjoyed it. I absolutely adored Edie. She started the book as a shy, reserved tech just doing what she has to do to survive. But throughout the story we watch as Edie grows and really comes into her own. She isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in, she isn’t afraid to stand up to others for those beliefs, and she genuinely cares for those around her. I loved watching Edie evolve from a somewhat timid character, to a strong leading female.

Likewise, Finn was awesome. He was so reserved and secretive that at times I wanted to pry his secrets out of him. But like Edie, we really get to see his true colors come out. As a slave, Finn was used to being mistreated, but overtime Edie’s kindness breaks down his walls and he begins to really care about her, not just her life force keeping his alive. I definitely fell hard for Finn by about chapter four!

The imagination and imagery that comes with this one is amazing! I was completely drawn into Edie’s world, and the pictures of the planet Scarabaeus were like vivid pictures of some incredibly amazing stuff! The descriptions of what the planet was like, their ship, even what space looked like as they went to their destination was so unique.

While at times I had a little bit of difficulty keeping up with the technology, the science, and the amazing imagination of Creasy, it didn’t change the fact that I really enjoyed the story. The action seemed to be non-stop, the romance was sizzling, and the emotions gripped my heart. This book will definitely speak to those who like a lot more science in their Sci Fi romance, but is also engaging for those of you whose eyes gloss over at the hard stuff.

I am really looking forward to the sequel, Children of Scarabaeus, out in April 2011. While Creasy did a good job of not leaving any major cliff hangers, I can’t wait to find out where Edie and Finn will go next.

All in all, I give Song of Scarabaeus 4 out of 5 beetles.