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Gambit - Kim Knox Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: 9/20/10
How I got this book: NetGalley

This past year I have discovered some absolutely incredible Science Fiction Romance authors: Linnea Sinclair, Gini Koch, and KS Augustine to name a few. With that, I got super excited about the genre. However, I’ve also found myself somewhat disappointed with the genre as well. Knox’s new release from Carina Press was one of those that just didn’t really do the best job of drawing me in and keeping me engaged in the story.

Chae is a pilot, floating through life doing odd and end type jobs to survive. When she is bribed into taking Daned to the Ladaian planets, he must pose as her flesh toy in order for stay hidden to those who want to ruin their plans.

On their journey, the two must overcome multiple obstacles, the loss of Chae’s ship and the junker they get stuck with, a plot to stop them at whatever the costs, and a burning desire to bind themselves to each other on a permanent basis.

When Chae and Daned finally reach Ladaia, their plans quickly take a turn for the unexpected, and Chae finds herself in a position that she did not want to be in. She and Daned must decide if their love can prevail over their responsibilities to their world.

There were times when I really just didn’t like Chae very much. She seemed to me to be a little on the whiney side. There were times when she really just didn’t want to accept whatever was happening, when she would cry and moan about what was going on, instead of doing everything in her power to change the circumstances.

When a couple is fated or perfect for one another, I have a hard time dealing with it if they are also perfectly happy giving up on each other. There were too many times with Daned didn’t seem like he cared enough to fight for his chance with Chae, and that didn’t settle right with me.

I was glad to see that Chae and Daned were able to work things out in the end. Knox had me worried for a minute there that things just really were helpless. I’m glad that Chae and Daned were able to find a way to be together, and yet still be able to rule together as well.

I do have to say that this book was steamy!! Chae and Daned had some amazing chemistry together, and Knox heats up the pages with them. It was a definite hot rollercoaster ride.

All in all, I give Gambit 2.5 out of 5 talking chairs!