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The Sweetest Deal - Mary Campisi
Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: 9/6/10
How I got this book: NetGalley

This was a great short, new read from Carina Press, who continues putting out some incredible stories. Max is working on a huge business deal that can either make or break him. He is forced to deal with Grayson who makes him a deal: He will get his business deal, if he gets Grayson's daughter pregnant. As much as Max wants to do anything for his business deal, he doesn't know that he is ready to knock some woman up.

C.C. has realized that she might not be destined for love, but she is still determined to have the child that she wants more than anything. When she meets a handsome man on the airplane, she puts him through her ridiculous cookie test, and when he passes that with flying colors, her hope soars, but when she realizes they work in the same field, she knows it would never work.

When Max and C.C. are forced to work together day in and day out, she is leery with his interest in her, and Max feels as if his heart is starting to get involved when he really doesn't want it to. As the two get closer and closer together, C.C. begins to feel as if she can begin to trust Max, and that he might be someone worth getting her heart involved with. But when the details of his bet with her father come out, she puts a plan into action to pay Max back.

The characters in this story were great, with C.C being a bit guarded (who can blame her given her previous experiences?) but still someone who isn’t completely jaded with life, and still holds out hope that one day her prince charming will ride in on his white horse and sweep her off her feet. I love that about her.

Likewise, while Max starts the story mostly disillusioned, he learns that just because he lived through tragedy in his past, doesn’t mean it is going to rule his future. One of my favorite things to see in a romance book in a male hero who has a totally macho attitude, but can still learn to show his feelings and learn from the women they love. It’s great, and Max does it well.

The supporting characters Roxie and Rhyder, C.C. and Max’s best friends are a hoot as well. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed two bickering characters as much as those two, especially while Rhyder was busy trying to convince Roxie to get an introduction to her reclusive “cousin” Roberta.

Typically I’m not a huge fan of stories that use pregnancy or children to tie together a relationship, because I think it is somewhat of an easy out. However, I like the fact that while Max was supposed to be working on knocking C.C. up, he kept making excuses to actually do so. I liked that Campisi gave Max and C.C. a chance to actually make a commitment to each other, before making one to a family.

I thought this was a great little short read. It was sweet and had a great little HEA. Although it isn’t a full length novel, it was a great read none the less.

All in all I give The Sweetest Deal 4 out of 5 crazy business deals.