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Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8) - Kresley Cole
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publish Date: 8/31/10
How I got think book: Purchased

The Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole is one of my all time favorite series! In the 11th installment, we pick up with Carrow, who was recently kidnapped off the streets on New Orleans and taken hostage by a mysterious group that has been taking members of the Lore.

When her niece Ruby is also captured, Carrow is given the opportunity to earn their freedom, by going out and capturing Malkom, the half demon half vampire recluse. She is sent to his realm with practically no information, told she has a limited amount of time to bring him back, or else Ruby will suffer the consequences.

After realizing that Carrow is his fated female, Malkom does everything he can think of to prove that he can provide for her. Unfortunately, his experience hasn't really shown him what kind of gestures count as romance. But Carrow is willing to work with him, and ends up slowly falling for him as he continually tries to win her heart.

As the two try their best to learn each other, Carrow refuses to tell Malkom about Ruby and her desire to bring him back to her home to turn him over. When they are both re-captured, Malkom goes berserk and vows that Carrow will never again be able to betray him. But when they escape their captors and he is given the chance to get back at Carrow, he can't bring himself to do it..

As the two fight to survive on the island and get back to their life, Carrow and Malkom must work out their problems, each learning if they can trust the other once again.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was that when Carrow and Malkom first meet, they are not able to communicate since they do not speak the same language. I love that they have to try and figure each other out, and find a way to communicate with each other. I love that Malkom does everything he can to try and learn her language, and that Carrow teaches him to read and write in the sand.

Carrow and Malkom also had some amazingly steamy scenes. Their time in the caves together were constantly smokin' up the place, and lighting the pages on fire! I think that these two have definitely replaced Bowen and Mariketa as my two favorite IAD characters.

I also really liked that Carrow was the one who had to really go back and grovel. For as much as I absolutely love her, she was the one who really screwed things over with Malkom, betraying him, refusing to trust and believe in him, and putting a shadow on their budding relationship. When she is forced to watch Malkom and Ruby bond, and watch as the two of them grow closer while Malkom continues to push her away, she has to think of ways that she can win him back. The way that Carrow handled the situation, and tried to show Malkom she was serious by her actions, I loved her all that more.

I really love where Cole is taking this series, and I'm excited to see where she goes with Regin, Nix, and all the others. This is one of those series that if you are not already reading, you MUST go pick it up!!

All in all, I give Demon from the Dark 5 out of 5 cozy caves.