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Sins of the Soul - Eve Silver Publisher: HQN
Publish Date: 9/1/10
How I got this book: NetGalley

Silver continues in the Otherkin Trilogy with the second installment, featuring Soul Reaper brother Alastor. Alastor and his brothers are still on the hunt for their murdered brother, doing their best to unravel the few clues they were given. When Alastor is pointed in the direction on Naphré's mentor, he follows her to try and find out if she is a witness to the murder of his brother, or if she was involved with the killers.

Naphré is stuck as a hit man for the Underworld, and while she absolutely hates her job, her mentor made sure that she was really good at it. When he turns on her, she has to make a decision, her life or his? When she kills her own mentor, and realizes that Alastor has taken an interest in her, they go off together trying to find the answers to the questions they both have.

Their passion continues to ignite, even though neither wants it to. And when they are both lost in the Underworld, they do everything they can to get back to each other, to save each other from an eternity of nothingness. They both are willing to risk their souls for each other, despite all the secrets that were between them.

I really enjoy the mystery of this series, and can't wait for the answers regarding the youngest Krayl brother's death. While I understand why Silver is stretching the case out across the three books, I tend to get a little frustrated when one question in answered, and ten more come up. While I can appreciate it, it also drives me bonkers!! I can only hope that Silver wraps the series up a lot better than each book.

I really enjoyed Alastor and Naphré's characters. I absolutely love reading books in the regency period, and the fact that Alastor was raised as an aristocrat in that period, and still held many of the values he was raised with, made him swoon worthy in my book. I was somewhat surprised by his willingness to eat the food of the Underworld to save Naphré's soul. It really seemed to me that while he knew he had feelings for her, he didn't seem really ready to admit it yet. But, again it was just one of those things Alastor does that totally makes him swoon worthy in my book. Likewise, I enjoyed Naphré. I thought she was a smart, kick ass heroine who made the best out of the crappy hand that life has dealt her. She was spunky, full of laughs, and an overall great character.

I felt as if both the first and this second book were ended rather abruptly. It seems as if the plot is cruising, cruising along. The characters determine they want to make their relationship work, and suddenly it's over. While I appreciate the HEA as much as the next romance lover, I have come to find that I need a little more than “and they lived happily ever after.”

I can’t wait to read the final installment, and find out exactly how the murder took place, if the Krayl brothers are going to be able to bring their youngest brother back, and get a better insight into the Otherkin world. I must say, Silver has a way of sucking you in with her descriptive language, creating a vivid picture of exactly what is going on.

All in all, I give Sins of the Soul 3.5 out of 5 Underworld Hit Women.