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Flat-Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy With the newest release in the Fast Track Series on 8/1/10 Hot Finish, I’ve seen Erin all over the blogosphere promoting the new release. For those of you who follow my blog know that I LOVE sports stories, and although these focused on racing, I was still pretty excited about them! (I’m sorry for all you NASCAR fans out there, but I just don’t consider racing a sport. Driving 100+ miles an hour and turning left just really doesn’t do it for me)

I went over to my local library and snatched up book 1 and 2 and read them within two days! They were so good. Lots of passion, hilarious situations, and sweet loving! I really enjoyed that all the key players continue to show up throughout the series.

Flat Out Sexy kicks off the series with Tamara, a racing widow with two kids, looking to get back into the dating saddle. When an attempted affair with a fellow professor fizzles into nothing, she ends up falling in total lust with rookie driver Elec. While the two are totally sizzling between the sheets, Tamara is hesitant to start a relationship with another driver, and a young rookie at that. While Elec finally manages to worm his way into Tamara’s heart, the two find out that love really can conquer all.

The second installment, Hard and Fast turns its focus onto Imogen, Tamara’s graduate student and teaching assistant, and Ty, one of the drivers on Elec’s racing team. While Imogen is smart, classy, and incredibly reserved, Ty is the exact opposite with his spunky attitude and happy-go-lucky personality. When Imogen decides to do her thesis on the racing culture and how the women land their driver husbands, she finds that she doesn’t need to do much to attract Ty.

These first two books were so great. The romance was sweet on both ends: I love that Elec was so invested in his courting of Tamara, and that he was willing to do just about anything to get in with both her and her children. Then Ty, with his southern charm was willing to overcome his life long struggle with reading just to impress the uber-smart Imogen. These guys were not only total alpha’s, they could also rock the super sensitive role as well, scoring double points in my book!

Along with the romance was incredible, off-the-charts passion! *fans self* Be careful ladies, reading these books just might cause a sudden desire to head out to the local WalMart and buy yourself a set of racing digs, head out to the track and try to flag down a sexy driver of your own!

The third book Hot Finish features Suzanne, Tamara’s best friend, and her ex-husband (or not!?) Ryder. I am dying to get my hands on this book! I love stories about husbands and wives that realize they were meant to be, even if they strayed off the beaten path for awhile. I can only hope that McCarthy WON’T stop here and will continue on the series (even after the six contracted books), as there are plenty of other drivers to get their HEA.

All in all I give BOTH Flat-Out Sexy and Hard and Fast 4.5 out of 5 sexy stock car drivers!