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Eternal Seduction - Jennifer Turner
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publish Date: 10/8/08
How I got this book: Review copy from author

I was super impressed with this book. Besides the cover being absolutely fabulous; I love the bright red roses on the black and white picture, the book itself was great as well. Logan is a drug addict living on the streets of New York where she realizes that the world might not be exactly as everyone seems to think. She finds herself running into vampires on a semi-regular basis.

One night, she runs into a few vampires, and ends up meeting the New York vampire Lord Kerestyan. Kerestyan finds that he doesn’t really want to kill her because he is somewhat drawn to her, instead he takes her to him home and keeps her there until he can decide what to do with her.

Because Logan knowing about the vampires has broken their cardinal rule known as the Veil, she must be taken before Kerestyan’s vampire father, Lord Nelek to be judged. So Kerestyan cleans Logan of her addiction, and fixes her up to meet dear old dad.

When Logan appears before the head of the family, he decides that Logan would be a good candidate to become a servio, a servant to the vampires. Although Logan is not able to serve Kerestyan, she is allowed to live in New York and serve where she can be close to him. But as she learns more and more about the vampire world, secrets unravel that leaves Logan thinking she might have been chosen in the most peculiar way.

Like I said, I really enjoyed this book. While Logan’s drug addiction seemed somewhat unrealistic to me, it was still done extremely well in my eyes. I don’t like reading too much about drug use, and was grateful that we never were forced to read about Logan shooting up.

The world that Turner built is incredible, between the different vampire families, the different abilities, the convoluted manipulations, the vampire history and legend… it was all incredible. I really enjoyed the different twists on vampire legend, this was totally unique from most other vampire stories I’ve read.

The plot twists and turns constantly kept me guessing, and I loved that. Nothing was predictable from the start, and I really liked that. The secondary characters were also great, well developed and thought out. Odin, Kerestyan’s brother had my constantly cracking up, and we can only hope a sequel is in the works for the super mysterious Drake.

All in all, I give Eternal Seduction 3.5 out of 5 vampire servants!