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Whirlpool - Vivian Arend Vivian Arend continues the Forces of Nature series with the second installment featuring Chelsea, Braden and Jamie. Now, I totally love all things shifters, and Arend does not disappoint with her merfolk shifter series. Ever since watching The Little Mermaid as a kid, I desperately wanted to be Ariel, and if the mermen are anything like Arend’s merfolk, then that desire just increased tenfold!

Chelsea is house-sitting for Alexia, and has been tasked to help go through the old house and catalogue all the antiques with archeologist Jamie. While there is an instant attraction between Jamie and Chelsea, she has her sights set on the local sheriff Braden. When Jamie and Chelsea come up with a plan to make Braden jealous, the sparks start flying all over the place, with all of them.

Like I said before, I absolutely love the premise of mer-shifters, and love Arend’s writing. Her stories are always super sexy, and I am a total sucker for a great happily ever after. While there are times I don’t really like reading about triad relationships because really, I just can’t see how they work in the long term (I can also be an insanely jealous woman!), but this one worked.

I love that Chelsea and Braden had their shifting abilities as a common ground, and that Chelsea and Jamie had their love of history and education as common ground. The three of them just seemed to really work together.

If any of your paranormal fans out there are looking for a steamy read about sexy shifters with a pinch of nerdy historians, then you should definitely pick this one up!

All in all, I give Whirlpool 3 out of 5 ancient merfolk artifacts!