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Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh I absolutely positively love and adore Nalini Singh. Her Psy-Changeling series is one of those that hooked me within the first few lines, and I obsessive over every book, every word, every character…. Love them!

In Bonds of Justice, we reconnect with Max Shannon, the cop friend of Tally’s who is working on a huge series murder case that has been haunting him for years. When authorities decide to call in a Justice Psy, Sophia shows up at the jail to take the memories of where the other bodies are hidden from his mind. With her broken appearance she immediately attracts unwanted attention from the psycho, and they get nowhere.

Meanwhile counsel member and Sascha’s mother Nakita is loosing her close advisors to various deaths. She enlists Sophia and Max’s assistance to investigate who could possibly be after her, and why. Sophia and Max work closely together to try and figure out what exactly is going on with the Psy, and why Nakita has suddenly become a target.

Singh is IMO, one of the best authors out there who can weave so many different people and story lines into one coherent mystery. I love how many different plots and subplots are going on through out her stories. She does it in such a way that the reader is constantly left guessing: who is the good guy, the bad guy, who is causing all these problems, who will break Silence… the questions never end.

After the last Psy-Changeling book, Blaze of Memory, I was desperate to get back to the Changeling’s. However, Max’s character was a refreshing mix of alpha tendencies, with the sensitivities of a human. I loved that he knew he wanted to protect Sophia, and went to great lengths to do so, but that he also had the patience to deal with her difficulties with touching people. He was the perfect wounded, broody, sensitive, sexy hero. And Sophia, in all her insecurities, broken past, and stressful abilities, reminded me so much of Sascha. She was kind hearted, lovable, somewhat naive, but unlike Sascha, she had no qualms about dolling out justice of her own.

The supporting cast of characters had me constantly on my toes. I love getting a little more insight into the council level Psy’s: Nakita, Anthony, and Kaleb. It seems like a kind of alliance might form between these three, and I would even speculate about the chances of them breaking Silence are pretty high. I can’t wait for even more of Kaleb’s back story, he is such an interesting and mysterious character.

While I wished for a little more time with the Changelings, I thoroughly enjoyed getting a closer insider look into the Psy Council. However, the book does have a little sneak peak into the next series book, Play of Passion, featuring Indigo and her hero. (I just want everyone to know I called it! *happy dance*)

All in all, I give Bonds of Justice 5 out of 5 mysterious psychopaths!